Terrifying 911 Call Records Families Last Moments

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brooklyngod +0 Points February 6, 2010

r.i.p. to the family i know they are in a better place now called heaven. my prayers go out 2 the family of the victims. god bless them. oh si

jacq +0 Points February 2, 2010

With that speed of 120 mph, grabbing a cellphone to call 911 is a stupidest thing to do. The second stupidest thing is not to apply the brake before it reaches 120 mph. What a shame for an experienced cop.

where's the music +0 Points February 2, 2010

you must not have listened to eric sermin, can't be doing over 90 on the freeway without music lol

prime example +0 Points February 2, 2010

this is what happens when you got more money then brains.

hmm I wonder +0 Points February 2, 2010

Do you think god accepts prayers via shooshtime? Then why bother saying "god let there souls RIP. Amen" fuking tards!!

Actually... +0 Points February 2, 2010

I used to have a 1990 Lincoln Continental. The gas pedal got stuck by the floor mat. Brake's sort-of worked. Scared the shit out of me. I took the floor mats out after that. Oh, and immediately put it neutral if you can.

wow +0 Points February 1, 2010

this happened to me on a forklift and i did forget for a second that all i had to do was hit the ebrake. that second caused me to damage some stuff but im alive to tell this story

This is for stupid! +0 Points February 1, 2010

How could u call this bull? when its all over the news?

God +0 Points February 1, 2010

I dont remember seeing them... So im gonna go ahead and call BULL.

Think about it, you're doing 100+ going thru an intersection and thats the loudest you can scream

Tips +0 Points February 1, 2010

Here are top tips:

• First, try to hit the pedal to make sure nothing is forcing it down.

• Next, PUT THE CAR IN NEUTRAL IMMEDIATELY, and gently start to brake, being aware of the traffic around you, and pull the car to the side of the stree

Sad! +0 Points February 1, 2010

Wow.. you could almost feel the life been suck out of them. God let there souls RIP. Amen..

Beh +0 Points February 1, 2010

I've had this happen three times in my wife's Lumina. The first two times pulling the gas back up with my foot worked. The last time it happened I had to put the car in neutral (then turn the motor off and put the key in the "on" position so I could

loop +0 Points February 1, 2010

thats sad. but couldnt he like hold the steering one way to go in like circles

man +0 Points February 1, 2010

you shouldnt call anyone a dumbass when they die like that he called someone who he thought could help them in that situation you all should pray for the whole family who now have a hole in their hearts for loosing family members.

damn that sucks +0 Points February 1, 2010

Usually i would make a rude/racist comment, but that just fucking sucks. Most of the suggestions on here are dumb as hell, and i guarantee most of you would have ended up the same way.

Budha +0 Points February 1, 2010

could he be dumb enough? (the cop) he can just tell the family to put the car in neutral and emergency brake...

lithus +0 Points February 1, 2010

a rail on the side of the highway use that by slowly grinding the side of ur car and use the friction to slow down and NOT calling 911 fucking retard

lithus +0 Points February 1, 2010

this happened to me scary as shit but i was smart enuf to grab the fucking pedal and pull it back and it wasnt because of the mat it just got stuck. and yes the next step would have been to turn the car off keep the key in start position and if there was

random +0 Points February 1, 2010

actually it is one particular manufacturer toyota uses for their accelerator pedals. they have stopped selling and have recalled all vehicles with that manufacturers parts. the other companies they use do not have this problem. so it is real. i believe a

kev +0 Points February 1, 2010

They had suv mats instead of the mats they were SUPPOSE to be in the car thus the mat bundled up under the gas pedal. DUMB FUCK!!!

rocky702 +0 Points February 1, 2010

What about shifting to neutral?

hey idiots +0 Points February 1, 2010

sorry typo. "car"

hey idiots +0 Points February 1, 2010

it wasn't his care. it was a loner, u dumb ass mother fuckers?

haha is right... +0 Points February 1, 2010

if your car is deffective then use your common sense. It's fake anyways, look it up.

That's fucked up +0 Points February 1, 2010

I'm a stupid fuck because I spelled "your" and not "you're" HURR HURR


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