Fan Punches Soccer Player in the Head

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haha +0 Points January 2, 2015

that's why they suck. Kick a dude in the head and no knock out. Huzzaaahhh!!

Satan +0 Points November 28, 2014


hh +0 Points November 28, 2014

nice goin idiot fan pay money and the game gets called off....

Why? +0 Points November 26, 2014

Fans? They are not real fans they are only hooligans. Pathetic.

awesome +0 Points November 25, 2014

why was he holding his ears when he got punched in the back of the head?

Chucky +0 Points November 25, 2014

Bobby Baun actually played 2 playoff hockey games with a broken ankle. Hockey players are the toughest athletes; football players are a bunch of pussies

whaetva +0 Points November 25, 2014

You said BROKEN LEG, now you change your comment because you searched Google...

I bet you have played football with a broken arsehole, maybe you should not go out cottaging so much

nigger +1 Point November 25, 2014

you guys, this is motsly cgi

Dirtiebirdie +0 Points November 24, 2014

shots fired!!

UM @Bob +1 Point November 24, 2014

@Bob: I know. But I have good information that they were busy fucking your mother and daughter. Who seem to like the black dick. And mom - is apparently partial to the dp (double penetration). Which leads me to ask- are you sure that your daddy isn't black?

"C" +0 Points November 24, 2014

Jock was always known as a true athletic supporter!

"C" +0 Points November 24, 2014

A true atheletic supporter!

HAHAHAHAHAHA +1 Point November 24, 2014

Angry Europeans spotted. Someone toss a firework at them, quick!

@Fucking Dumbass +0 Points November 24, 2014

You sir, are the one full of shit! Look up Bert Trautmann. He played on in an FA Cup final with a broken neck!

Nickname... +0 Points November 24, 2014

Bloody el Geezer took it right in the ol bonnet. Took the piss right out of him.

Jonny +0 Points November 24, 2014

@HAHAHAHAHA I admit, Football/Soccer is becoming a bad for all the play acting, but the the guy took a right hook to the back of the head by surprise.. bit worse than getting hit in the face by a ball you bellend.

Also, you can never say "man up Europe".. We have Rugby, you have American Football played in full body Armor. Argument ended.

too funny +1 Point November 24, 2014

He took the Edward Norton punch from Fight Club. Right in the fucking ear.

fucking dumbass +1 Point November 24, 2014

You are so full of shit, as if a professional football or hockey player is going to play on with a broken leg, you sir have officially posted the MOST RETARDED COMMENT on the Internet - EVER!

HAHAHAHAHA +0 Points November 24, 2014

What a bunch of fucking pussies.....Nolan Ryan finished a game after eating a baseball to the face...several hockey/and american football players have played on broken legs or worse. So don't give me that he suffered severe injuries from a fucking firework shit. The first guy didn't even get hit that hard. Man up Europe.

basil +0 Points November 24, 2014

Ho gay are those soccer players? Any other football code & that "supporter" would have ended up in ICU.


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