Collection of AFL's Most Disturbing Hits

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BubbaGump +0 Points August 7, 2014

Calling AFL Rugby is like calling NFL MLS

@well what? -1 Points July 28, 2014

stupidest comparison ever. First off Justin bieber isnt on a field with a dozen 200 lb men trying to crush him but if that were the case im sure his "suits" would be smart enough to protect their investment with pads and not care about the drunk aussie internet tough guys and their"pads are for pussies" talk

basil -1 Points July 28, 2014

@skater boy - nah that was rugby league...or just league to the initiated. Doing a Hopoate became part of the slang. Look it up.

Suicidal -2 Points July 27, 2014

Its not called AFL either, it's actually called GAYFL

@fuck al +0 Points July 27, 2014

These pansies are worse than soccer player the way they fake it

leonil pepe +0 Points July 27, 2014

i think the most disturbing thing about this are those short tight shorts

im just a skater boy -2 Points July 27, 2014

these cats are fairys ist this the game where the guy was sticking his finger up there asses. those tight little shorts

well what? -1 Points July 27, 2014

Justin Bieber earns more money than real bands... doesn't make the bands any less real and Bieber any less pussy just because he is invested in more by suits. also the average of an AFL player is around $300,000 (2015 estimate) and a NFL average $770,000. So yeah there is a pay increase but really... either way is still alot of money. also NFL players backgrounds are seedier than "construction worker" which isn't really an insult anyway.

well.... -1 Points July 27, 2014

its been said a million times but since you are so big on not wearing pads you are probably as brain dead as these players. See American football players make lots of money and so do their team owners and Americans like to pay money to watch their teams win. Players are what is known in America as an "investment". AFL makes no money and is only there to entertain toothless drunks and the players are all a bunch of construction workers

omfgzz +0 Points July 27, 2014

where are all the pads, yanks always making the excuse pads are needed due to heavy impacts, but here i see plenty of heavy hits....pads= pussys

ff +0 Points July 27, 2014

girls sport. they shoud play hell kitty instead.

Loco -1 Points July 27, 2014

If you want to learn the rules, get the movie Funny People and watch the bonus scenes where Eric Bana explains them. Funny shit!

Real sport. +0 Points July 27, 2014

No padding, and no pussies. THIS is a real sport. Not even boxing is as brutal. To the American four down, I'd love to explain the rules to you but there are too many for a post on shoosh.

Heywood_Jablome -1 Points July 27, 2014

fuck al -1 Points July 27, 2014

let me see the pussy ass americans play this game

"C" -1 Points July 27, 2014

{{{{{SEIZE}}}}} the moment

rene -2 Points July 27, 2014

They may be hard as fuck but those little tight shorts and sleeveless tops make them look gay.

I am an American -1 Points July 27, 2014

I know it's AFL is Australian Football League. There was a AFl in america but it emerge with the NFL back then... But what is the Different between the aussies afl and rugby though?

lol -1 Points July 27, 2014

what would make someone even want to play this sport haha!

darwin +1 Point July 27, 2014

If you last more than a week, does the league retire your jersey number and induct you into the Hall of Fame?

basil +0 Points July 27, 2014

AFL is not rugby you wankers.

This -3 Points July 27, 2014

Is a stupid sport

DumbDumb +0 Points July 27, 2014

Its called AFL not rugby. Completely different game. Bloody americans..

juanhunglow +0 Points July 27, 2014

wonder if these guys will sue the league for post career concussion problems.

Correction +1 Point July 27, 2014

Not rugby...


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