Was this Bitch Justified at ALL in this Situation?

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dej +0 Points March 22, 2017

She needs to be slapped around a bit and taught some manners.

Anonymous +1 Point May 4, 2016

Hahahaha talk bout looking like the dumbest twat ever after raging like that then walking into door for the finale ba hahahahahahaha

Anonymous +0 Points December 21, 2015

A cunt is a cunt and she is one big cunt. She just doesn't like anything green.

Anonymous +0 Points November 10, 2015

I'm American, the customer is not "always right" here and this is a poor demonstration of "how it works here." Any nation in the ENTIRE WORLD has a sliver of total ass-holes that make the majority of that nation's residents who are reasonable and respectful in a universally applicable manner look bad or stereotypical. I wasn't there, and there is a respectful way to speak in a non-domestic language in front of someone and a disrespectful way. Again however, there is a sliver of foreign business owners who are ass-holes and make the majority of reasonable foreign business owners look bad.

Fucking Dumb Ass Cracker +0 Points September 6, 2015

Fuck is the point of speaking english when the fucking dumb cunt can't even read it

shut up +0 Points September 6, 2015

you eat at taco bell all day fat ass

Relliklaires +0 Points September 6, 2015

Customers Are Not Always Right. They Are Just Never Wrong.

Lil fucker is back +1 Point September 5, 2015

Yea nobody is as smart as you camel jockeys huh Doomie?

Call me Carlos +1 Point September 5, 2015

When I'm in Mexico, I speak Spanish. Here, at home, in America, I speak English. It's just the right thing to do.

DOOM TO ALL WIGGERS +1 Point September 5, 2015

Fucking cunt couldn't even read to pull not push the door. Talking about English and all that bullshit FUcking white people are DUMB AS FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Confused boner in Carolina +1 Point September 5, 2015

Godamn I wanna fuck this little blonde bitch right in her bad attitude.

society is lost +1 Point September 5, 2015

this is what is wrong with america

Henpecked +1 Point September 5, 2015

Hi Honey, so how was your day?

Neverready +1 Point September 5, 2015

Bitch is clearly a vegetarian,she needs a little protein in her diet

The Phoenix +1 Point September 5, 2015

Hope she enjoys her take out, I wonder what that slimey stuff is in my taco? The bruise on her nose from pushing on a pull door should heal in time for her next anger management session

@ Darwin -1 Points September 5, 2015

Are you giving us a hint about your life?

Dirtiebirdie +1 Point September 5, 2015

this is what happens when you don't fuck your girl properly. She goes apeshit over fucking Christmas Colors on fucking peppers.

Deadlikecobain 😜🔫 -1 Points September 5, 2015

Another vote for Donald Trump. 😃

Bill +1 Point September 5, 2015

that was a beautiful exit

darwin +1 Point September 5, 2015

Imagine being married to that

juanhunglow -1 Points September 5, 2015

cuz liiiike I don't like the color and liiiike ant nobody got time for dat. a big lol for the big exit, pushed when needed to pull. blonde stereotype enhanced.

wild bill -1 Points September 5, 2015

don't they have knives in that kitchen? should've stabbed that bitch!

United trash of America +1 Point September 5, 2015

Typical American bitch she want a red pepper I give it her in her asshole


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