DAMN: Guy destroys cheating wife's new BF

Hacked and Exposed Popular Girl's Instagram My daughter is a freak... and I LOVE IT The kind of girl you could fuck all night long The co-worker he's cheating on his wife with Can't stop himself, even with his step-daughter! She made me cum but just kept on RIDING Making it quick... she had to get back to class


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Anonymous +0 Points June 28, 2017

another night on a council estate

7daysuntil +0 Points July 19, 2016

Why can't they kill the girlfriend?

Anonymous +0 Points May 9, 2016

Stupid murdering fuck! You never let pussy get you to such a point. You just get the hell out!

Anonymous +0 Points March 21, 2016

yes, is from brazil, more expecificaly from a city called "roraima" the killer's name is Felipe Quadros and this wasn't about cheating. he killed his ex gilrfriend's best friend, the guy that comes out of the house it the gilrs father, who came to defend her. he also killed the father of a guy he owned money to. he used to be a police officer, thats why he had a bulletproof vest on. it was premeditated and he's in jail now.

Damn +0 Points March 13, 2016

Let me guess. Brazil?

Anonymous +0 Points March 11, 2016

that's a fucking murder video from my city. the guy killed his ex girlfriends best friend, and her father. there was no cheating involved. change the tag or delet the video.

Anonymous +0 Points March 11, 2016

Looks premeditated, good plan, but fucked up getting caught on camera. Alibis people, if your gonna do something, do it right

Anonymous +0 Points March 11, 2016

take it down. not came here to watch this disturbing video. ruined my day.

Nice +0 Points March 11, 2016

I'm guessing wife was driving the car and boyfriend came out when he heard the crash.

SYCKO +0 Points March 11, 2016

Anonymous +0 Points March 11, 2016

Why would you post this? It's not live leak. This is really disturbing

just sayin +0 Points March 11, 2016

@ about the .30 second mark, right after the gun man shoots first dude you can see the white car jerk, i'm guessing the guy in the white car tried to open the door but being hit there, it was jambed shut.

Anonymous +1 Point March 11, 2016

Did he did died?

Goofy goofer +0 Points March 11, 2016

Surprised shooshtime would allow it on their site.. We just watched a possible triple homicide.. In this video two people are clearly fatally gunned down.. You can also notice the blood start too pool around the dead guy on the driveway... Sad video.. The pussy even looks like he's wearing a bullet proof vest. And considering this is a footage from a neighbours house.. This is probably in America as well..

Anonymous +0 Points March 11, 2016

What a fucking pussy. Oh I need a fucking gun to handle my business because I am too much of a pussy to fuck my wife the way she should be fucked. Anyone saying that women should watch this cause this is what happens is a pussy too. Fuck you bitches. So your bitch cheated on you. I bet that mother fucker cheated on her 20 times. I know lots of people that cheat on their wife but then when the wife cheats on them they get all tough guy. GUNS ARE FOR PUSSIES!!! Be a real man.

thats a big no no +1 Point March 11, 2016

Well done, fuck cheaters! Get a divorce/break up with them face to face, but never sneak around. It's a thousand times worse when you play your partner for a fool and they find out.

Anonymous +0 Points March 11, 2016

thats why you dont cheat on your spouse like for fuck sakes just break up with the person or get a divorce cheating is just pathetic and clearly some people dont that shit lightly

Anonymous +0 Points March 11, 2016

@-huh- who gives a shit about the cars?!?!

Anonymous +1 Point March 11, 2016

I wonder if he will cheat on his husband in prison.

--huh-- +0 Points March 11, 2016

This should be mandatory for every female to watch this when they turn 13.

"when you fuck around with another guy, this is exactly what happens. Both of those vehicles now have a salvaged title and the bank has to write them off as a total loss"

Anonymous +0 Points July 14, 2017

@--huh-- mandatory at age 13. Don't know where your from, but in the good ol' USA, most have 5 kids by then and have made a career from it. Family tree has one limb and root rot.


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