ASSHOLE Beat His Girlfriend Up over... WHAT?

18-year-old rookie took it in both holes like a pro 3 Hookups that Make Tinder WORTH IT You know she just turned 18 last week... right? When you finally fuck a girl out of your league Netflix and Chill leads to an Anal Beating Taking advantage of an impressionable teen The sex tape leak that came back to haunt her


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Anonymous +0 Points November 7, 2017

All That Guy Got to Do Say How Sorry he is... And Fuck Her... Than Next Week Asshole Will Be Hiding Her Again.!!!!!

Anonymous +0 Points July 11, 2017

He need to do himself a favor and never try throwing hands with another nigga with them weak ass hands.Stick to fighting females .

Anonymous +0 Points December 16, 2016

and what white have black people? black people have to listen to white people...

Anonymous +0 Points July 25, 2017

@Anonymous I'm sorry I could not decipher your sentence. What was the issue you were trying to bring up?

Anonymous +0 Points May 17, 2016

just a stupid piece of a shitty negro who likes it in his gay butt....

well they should have kept on puttin em up as tree deco

Anonymous +0 Points May 8, 2016

that girl didnt even swing back. kept working her hair. she's the real gangsta in this situation

HumanBeen +0 Points March 6, 2016

Awww, hood Gansta love....

Anonymous +0 Points December 25, 2015

You don't understand, he's gangsta

Anonymous +0 Points December 24, 2015

These arsehole's don't deserve to be called men, the colour of their skin is irrelevant, they should be put away for a long time to protect the gene pool... And of course, the women in their lives.. WTF is wrong with some people

Anonymous +0 Points December 24, 2015

Clown ass niggas

Anonymous +0 Points December 24, 2015

Obama's son at it once again. Damn that kid.

lol +0 Points December 23, 2015

It's a Mexican! She can take it

Anonymous +0 Points December 23, 2015

shows you how smart a moon cricket is . He just posted his friend committing a felony. And a violent one at that . Good job monkey boysmaybe the D.A. will see that find out who you are from the retard list of faces and lock you up for a very long time and lets see how well your black BBBmaster reacts when you say "MY ASSHOLE IS BLEEDING FROM LAST NIGHT SO YOU CANT FUCK ME AGAIN TILL IT STOPS " MOTHER FUCKERS


Anonymous +0 Points December 23, 2015

typical the only reason white girls stay with negroid men is out of fear . whites and blacks are two different species and do not belong together so if a white girl is with a black guy she gets whatever he gives her . sad but true

Anonymous +0 Points July 25, 2017

@Anonymous she is of an Hispanic people for starters if it is that hard for you to tell. We are ALL of the same species, please update your science literature. Although yes women do tend to stay with men who abuse them because there is also psychological abuse and "brainwashing" them into believing they are nothing without them and would just be alone if they were to leave. That being said men are susceptible as well to this kind of abuse I have seen a case before an old friend years ago was in such a relationship. We focus on such a small lens that we chose to see others through. Whether it is through the lens of race, creed, religion, status, or what have you, we are all the same. We can't help from where we were born and raised and to what extent outside forces influenced us. For a child who has known nothing but peace has a different view than a child who has known nothing but war. None of us should be viewed any less than our potential to change the world.

Anonymous +0 Points December 22, 2015

It's obvious that no white man has ever beaten their girlfriend because absolutely all of them are decent and loving human beings

Anonymous +0 Points December 22, 2015

She chose him/them. She wants that black dick so much she's willing to put up with being beat for bleeding. I don't have a shred of sympathy.

Anonymous +0 Points December 22, 2015

Hitler murdered 50 million you mom fuckers. You see one black guy beating his gf and call them the N word. You white mom fuckers, King Leo murdered 15 million in Belgian Congo. Get back to me you f*cking white sons of bitches when you see a black dictator killing 15 million whites. Long live the black people, best in the world. F*ck you whities you mom fuckers.

Anonymous +0 Points December 22, 2015


Anonymous +0 Points December 22, 2015

hay que envialo a donde mandingo a que lo atienda al mochocho bravero!

Anonymous +0 Points December 22, 2015

bitchboy hit her with his best shots and she looked at him like he was stupid....LMAO!!!

Anonymous +1 Point December 22, 2015


Deadlikecobain 😜🔫 +1 Point December 22, 2015

What a lovely race of kind hearted, understanding people. These are the scum that every guilty white person continues to coddle and apologize to. #blacklivesmatter

seymor +3 Points December 22, 2015

im black and it disgusts me when i see black people act like fucking degenerates these guys need 2 get ran over

juanhunglow +0 Points December 22, 2015

sadly no longer not surprised, shocked, or even bothered by this. all I can do is shake my head

lol +0 Points December 22, 2015

Once you go black you're a single mom

Basil +0 Points December 22, 2015

Bear her up? Not quite. I reckon he was pissed because they were going to gang-bang her.


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