All Known Footage of Virgina Reporter Killing

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Sure +1 Point August 29, 2015

Americans don't own shit!!! China owns you bitches!!

Nice +0 Points August 29, 2015

Hey yeah. Are you talking about the gays?

yeah +0 Points August 29, 2015

You idiots who think that removing the traitors confederate flag was suppose to end racism are as stupid as you look. The only way to end racism is to kill all of you cockeyed racists. You really can't do that today - the last time genocide was really effective was when the Native Americans were butchered by deviant Europeans who wanted this land.

This fight with blacks that you think you want is going to surprise you - because if the shit hits the fan you're going to be attacked from all fronts by Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Asians and Americans who are disgusted with your attitudes and behavior. You are making us look like idiots to the world at large because you talk so much crap that they think you speak for a big part of White America. You are a relatively small group with a big fucking mouth. You don't speak for us --you are our greatest embarrassment.

TheRealLOL -1 Points August 28, 2015

Hey dont bite off my name asshole!!!!!

What? -2 Points August 28, 2015

Dylan roof is back, and he gets a thumbs up. I wonder who's the racist thumbs upper dude is. My guess DaRiv.

DOOM TO ALL WIGGERS -3 Points August 27, 2015

Pussies with gun just like FFAGthat's50 and Darfag bunch of inbred bitches

Your world leader +0 Points August 27, 2015

Talk all the shit you want but America own the earth, bitches.

Canadian 77 -4 Points August 27, 2015

You fucking Americans gotta be the most racist cocksuckers in the world!! Guns don,t kill people! Dumb fucks like you do, racist arrogant pigs!!

German Power -2 Points August 27, 2015

Just another day in the US Im excited, when the smart People in the US take away the guns from all these Hillbillies (many of them commented already this Vid)

Realize it Morons: Your "constitution" is Bullshit.


fuck homeland and the CIA -3 Points August 27, 2015

Another false flag gun control scape goat

lets see -3 Points August 27, 2015

The nigs got us to take down all the rebel flags because that one inbred douchebag shot 9 in a church. So what do the nigs get to do in "reparations" for this doucheag. I propose no more MLK day and all "BLACK POWER" flags be banned

n -2 Points August 27, 2015

lol at least have a purpose for it unlike.. sc colorado honkys

Lol +0 Points August 27, 2015

I'm finding it hard to masterbate to this

Jakko -1 Points August 27, 2015

How could this happen? Taking down the Rebel flag didn't finally fix race anger and violence?!!!

Johnny Rebel +0 Points August 27, 2015

People should NEVER trust the NEGRO and this is more proof that NEGROS should NEVER own a gun.

Idiots +2 Points August 27, 2015

Why people keep saying fake? Two people died, third person shot in the back. Not to mention gunman also shot himself, big cry baby pussy.

RamDomGuy -4 Points August 27, 2015

If it is real this guy has no aim. The reporter ran after he shot 3 times from less than 6 feet..

huhu -5 Points August 27, 2015


The Phoenix -2 Points August 27, 2015

That just proves that there IS just pure evil out there

Job 3:14 -5 Points August 27, 2015

Despite the whole live nature of the video, I think it was set up to be honest. For reasons were not supposed to know there may be somthing else going on that it was supposed to fake their deaths. I mean seriously the dude literally was standing 4 feet away from both women and they didnt happen to use (what evolution gave us) their peripheral vision or so much so glance that way? Its not like the camera man was trained on them that they had to hold the way they were facing. Plus the dude was a horrible, sincerely horrible shot. If she got hit atleast twice in the chest or through the ribs as she turned to run, her screams would have silenced.

Thats just my opinion.

darwin -2 Points August 27, 2015

iso is correct. Vester was a gay black man who felt he was the victim. He was fired from 3 other stations for threatening co-workers and anger issues. If you read his posts, he was planning this for weeks. He was a sick man who took 2 innocent lives.

Disappointed -1 Points August 27, 2015

It takes a sick fuck to enjoy a video like this and an even sicker fuck to post it on the web.

iso -1 Points August 27, 2015

a sad story when it comes to innocent people being killed, but to say conspiracy? Vester sounds like a paranoid schizophrenic who sees himself as a victim

wtf? -3 Points August 27, 2015

If the reporter had been black all hell would be breaking lose - they'd be burning Virginia down, and boycotting go-pro cameras.

Dog Balls -1 Points August 27, 2015

If you think this is fake, you need to get off the internet for a while and go outside. Life isn't a movie, there are no geysers of blood of squibs in an actual murder

and the idea that some government would do this to enact gun control instead of, you know, actually enacting gun control is insane. people are insane assholes, and there are guns everywhere. Gun sales during the Obama administration have been through the roof, without any significant attempt at gun control. I'm for the 2nd amendment, but, fuck, some of you guys really test my patience. turn off alex jones, for fuck's sake.

but i'm arguing on a porn site with some guy i've never met so whatever


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