"I fucked her until she had brain damage"

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andorman +0 Points January 5, 2019

and the Academy Award for best actress goes to...........

Anonymous +0 Points January 4, 2019


Take this shit down

ALEX JONES IS RIGHT -1 Points January 4, 2019

this is my favorite classic piper perry. Nice repeat.

Anonymous +0 Points October 19, 2018

That's Maryjane auryn porn actress

Anonymous +0 Points October 17, 2018

that was the hottest thing i have ever seen

Anonymous +0 Points October 17, 2018

She's got a great body and everything but the way she's acting is such a fucking turnoff.

Anonymous +0 Points January 4, 2019

I agree!

Anonymous +0 Points October 17, 2018

Had a gf like this WITHOUT drugs. Some girls are just more in-tune that way. She was a freaking psycho in every other aspect but my other head still misses her XP

Anonymous +0 Points October 17, 2018

All these neckbeards acting like they've seen a woman do this without drugs. Tip your fedora on the way out, this bitch is on a fuck ton of ecstasy or special k. Don't believe me? Pick up a chick at coachella and take her to your tent. Same shit.

Anonymous +0 Points January 4, 2019

Anonymous +0 Points October 17, 2018

She's retarded... regardless of the fucking

Anonymous +0 Points October 17, 2018

Looks like she was drugged actually.

Anonymous +0 Points October 16, 2018

That shit was retarded. Couldn’t watch more than 45 seconds. Not just fake, but ridiculous beyond compare.

Anonymous +0 Points November 12, 2018


Anonymous +0 Points October 16, 2018

That's drugs

Anonymous +0 Points October 16, 2018

I have encountered several girls that climax in an extreme way. It is not unusual for one to pass out when they cum. She looks real to me. I remember a porn actress that always came and her eyes would roll back in her head. Definitely real. It is too hard to do that every time.

Anonymous +0 Points October 15, 2018

Truth bomb: You're all so desensitised that you can't even reach this level of pleasure without drugs. It's no surprise that some of you cannot comprehend the true potential of where an intense orgasm can bring you.

Anonymous +0 Points October 15, 2018

I feel sorry for all the men here who can't comprehend a girl having a truly orgasmic experience like this during sex. It's like they never satisfied a woman or encountered one with an extremely sensitive vagina. (yes they do in fact exist). It's better than any drug you ever tried too. Sad boys. I pitty you all.

Anonymous +0 Points October 15, 2018

What a fake. Worst actress ever. She kept looking st the camera.. breaking character. Annoying woman!

Anonymous +0 Points October 14, 2018

Ew. That girl is so hard to watch. Not sure why anyone wants to fuck a cross eyed brillo pad haired looking 12 yr old.

Anonymous +0 Points October 16, 2018

@Anonymous Yes! she needs to go back to grandmas and wiper her own ass

Anonymous +1 Point October 16, 2018

@Anonymous any idiot that WOULDN"T fuck her is infact GAY!! She has a hot little body and perfect tittys for long hours in the sack.

Anonymous +1 Point October 13, 2018

Not creepy, not drugged, not drunk, not rape. She's a professional amateur pron ACTRESS. She has a whole bunch of videos acting like this. And it's usually hot as fuck but this one, I agree, was boring and way too much acting. I actually prefer her wild rough balls deep submissive sex.

Anonymous +0 Points October 17, 2018

@Anonymous who is she then

Anonymous +1 Point October 17, 2018

@Anonymous Maryjane Auryn

Anonymous +0 Points October 13, 2018


ZorrodR@web.de +0 Points October 13, 2018

Der nächste Schwanz wartet bereits auf die kleine Fotzensau.

Der nächste Kunde möchte zuerst eine Fleischbeschau durchführen und hängt die Langsau im Nebenraum zur Begutachtung an den vorh. Deckenhaken auf...

Suche dev. Frauen für Dolcetthemen...

You need to commit suicide -1 Points October 12, 2018

She looks like a fucking idiot. Not attractive at all. Dumb degenerate worthless talentless whore

Robaine +0 Points October 12, 2018

This looks exactly like me when im on GHB lol.

And to all the whiteknights crying, she kinda uploaded the whole video herself and is very proud of it.

Anonymous +1 Point October 12, 2018

Are you guys retarded? This girls is Mareyjane Auryn, she is an amateur porn actress, and this is the way she acts on her videos. There is no brain damage or drugs, she acts like that!

Anonymous -1 Points October 12, 2018

She is clearly under the influence of type of drug, totally incoherent. That’s not from mind blowing sex, that’s fucking her while “nobody’s home to answer the door”. The was a straight-up documented RAPE. If I was that girl’s dad, I would find and slowly dismember that motherfucker..


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