REAL: Girl Compares Boyfriend to a Cuckold

Creampied my Date in a Backseat RAW Fucking Imagine your roommate waking you up like this Teen Model Puts that INCREDIBLE ASS to Work I spent a Weekend with My Favorite Cam Girl A Good Girlfriend Takes it up the Ass we really... REALLY shouldn't be doing this... Gorgeous Amateur Demands He Fucks Harder


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MemphisOsiris +0 Points March 24, 2016

who is seriously into this shit? And those text edits. Cringe.

Anonymous +0 Points March 24, 2016

cant believe she dropped the n-bomb

Anonymous +1 Point March 23, 2016

She's a pro. I dont mean pornstar, I mean sex worker.

MAAASBFJ +0 Points March 23, 2016

I never understand the fetish of cuckolding or maybe I'm just too racist to understand such, I don't know.

Anonymous +0 Points March 23, 2016

@arab idiot, not as cold as your vested relatives pieces! Hope it was worth it for them and their reward of 27 virgins, did they forget to mention they're all MEN

Anonymous +0 Points March 23, 2016

She's just over-acting for the camera

Anonymous -2 Points March 22, 2016

daaaamn daniel..

Anonymous -1 Points March 22, 2016

bl bf... you know what they say, once you go black...

arab nazi -1 Points March 22, 2016

white people are cold

Anonymous -2 Points March 22, 2016

she just dates the white dude because he has a job

Anon -1 Points March 22, 2016

Lmao yall were looking at his dick pretty hard ... says a lot

Anonymous +0 Points March 22, 2016

Guys lose their girls because they spend too much time jerking it and watching their girl get bulldozered.. Jesus... I may not be large or small.. A good thick 7" but damn guys.. If your girl needs a big cock you need a new girl lol. My girl needs me a little smaller if I wanna fuck her roughly.

Anonymous +0 Points March 22, 2016

whats wrong with this world

Anonymous +0 Points March 22, 2016

You seem to know an awful lot about the sizes of their dicks. By any chance, do you happen to be the boyfriend?

much wow +0 Points March 22, 2016

Propaganda video XD , i am white and i have 7 inch penis , pretty common here in Italy.

Oh and that doesn't look like a 9 inch ... wtf normal dick

Big White +2 Points March 22, 2016

Just like a trip to the Bronx zoo and watching the chimps humping, lets bungle in the jungle

No ... +0 Points March 22, 2016

The person who gave the play by play has never seen a 9 inch dick, nor does he know what a female orgasm looks like.

That guy has a 6 inch cock and she came once or twice tops.


lol +0 Points March 22, 2016

Is this a Cuckold recruiting video

ANON +0 Points March 22, 2016

Great fucking, shame there was only the one talented Cocksman.

Kay F. See +0 Points March 22, 2016

Anybody into Cluckold?

Anonymous +0 Points March 22, 2016

Hopefully Trump saves all the white guys from losing their girls to BCC

Anonymous +0 Points March 22, 2016

Think they measured the 9 inches from his arse

... +0 Points March 22, 2016

Black guy makes her a legendary opera star O_o

Anonymous +0 Points March 22, 2016

Lol 9inch dick!!


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