You've Never Seen a Shooter this Fast

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GGG +0 Points May 25, 2014

I wonder how many tries it took him.

lol you fucking morons.. +0 Points May 22, 2014

the guy filming is italian.. not the shooter... you fucking high schoolers... for fucks sake

@nice2 You're dumb as fuck... +0 Points May 21, 2014

And really, when he says 0.72 in the beginning that sounds like an American accent? Jesus I am glad I am not as dumb as you. Guess some of us are just blessed.

@nice2 You're dumb as fuck... +0 Points May 21, 2014

No dumb fuck. Check out his youtube channel. His channel is operator zero, and he is Italian. Fucking idiot. I don't even know what IGN is and I don't play shooter games. Nice try though!

nice2 -1 Points May 20, 2014

LOL @ hes italian... if you didnt notice his American accent you are a fucking moron. There are American PMCs all over the world that are hired by foreign powers. Please stick to ign and talking about shooter games.

nice -1 Points May 20, 2014

welcome to the world of operators. I know most of you teenage fucks are used to COD/ HALO and think thats operator status ... this guy actually has the skill... sua sponte!!!!

I -1 Points May 20, 2014

approve this video.

kk -1 Points May 20, 2014

I shoot faster when I blow on your wife's tits too!

sfsaf -2 Points May 20, 2014

LOL...the zero intelligent controlled targeting system is just some dude holding a pipe with a target and moving it around.

Reaper -2 Points May 20, 2014

Why would you need to shoot someone 8 times with a shotgun?

Use your brain -2 Points May 20, 2014

@lol If you had half a fucking brain you'd realize that accent isn't from the States. Second of all, the Italian flag on the shoulder should help you out a bit. Dumb fucking cunt.

stevie -2 Points May 20, 2014

i shoot faster that that when i blow my gunk over my wifes tits

lol -3 Points May 20, 2014

Fucking shit for smalled cocked yanks

hahah -1 Points May 20, 2014

That's cool stuff

luv2shoot -1 Points May 20, 2014

youtube fastest gunslinger in the world, that man is a God. this dude is still b.a. though


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