I Fell in Love Without Seeing Her Pussy

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"i'll fuck my daughter's friends every night" Imagine 1 night in her VIRGIN TIGHT ass That gorgeous ASU cheerleader exposed again She's everything your girlfriend wishes she was When you're so hot, you make him cum TWICE EVERY day is ANAL day for this little freak The back-to-school parties are already popping off

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Niggerhater +0 Points April 15, 2014

bitch blocked me on instagran

Aschools +0 Points April 14, 2014

her youtube covers are all the same as this. And she is def a rich kid that fucks jigs

CT +0 Points April 14, 2014

Go look at some of her covers on youtube, she's actually talented, and hot... niykee heaton

Aschools +0 Points April 14, 2014

needs subtitles. i thought the same as "joe" only realized it was a hip hop cover cause i could hear pussy. sounds like the karaoke scene in "ted"

joe +0 Points April 14, 2014

the only thing i understood was "pussy" atleast i think i heard it....

lmao +0 Points April 14, 2014

that's my track!

six9smoke +0 Points April 13, 2014

Give the girl some slack, she can really play an old school guitar and sing very good at the same time. Most of our musicians can't do this at the same time, and they make millions from us.

no +0 Points April 13, 2014

she needs a rope around her throat

Bigbang +0 Points April 13, 2014

She has talent. But I think this is going to hurt her American Idol chances.

someone +0 Points April 13, 2014

American Shakira, maybe??

surfer +0 Points April 13, 2014

She's a Duff beer drinker for sure.

Parlez english or GET the FUCK OUT! -1 Points April 13, 2014

Hey KENT, you must have taught her how to sing, can't understand a fucking word out of either of you

Jah Jah -1 Points April 13, 2014


Plook -1 Points April 13, 2014

Singing explicit rap songs on acoustic guitar, as though they are love songs? See "Or Nah" by The Weekend. And then see "It ain't nut'na cut that bitch off (It ain't nothing to cut that bitch off)" by K-Camp. I sorry, it sound dif'rent when a bitch sing it. The reason it's unintelligible is because the originals are unintelligible.

doubleanaldrillteam -1 Points April 13, 2014

I want to cum in my own mouth

CT -1 Points April 13, 2014

Niykee Heaton, go on her instagram..nice a$$

KENT -1 Points April 13, 2014

Je me masturbe en pensant que je pourrais lui lecher le visage en entier

KENT -1 Points April 13, 2014

Arrete de chanter quelque instant et ...laisse moi te decher sur ton jolie visage!

Je veut enfoncer ma queue au plus profond de ta gorge salope!

goodguygreg -1 Points April 13, 2014


darwin +6 Points April 13, 2014

Extra points if you understood more than half the words.

romney -2 Points April 13, 2014

the unedited video she rams the head of the guitar in her pussy until she squirts ... its delicious

Pyfooty -2 Points April 13, 2014

shut up and take ur top off

rezn +0 Points April 13, 2014

loved it

turd mcgoo -2 Points April 13, 2014

we need to buy her a harmonica.


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