Quarterback DeAndre Johnson Punches Girl

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Anonymous +0 Points December 23, 2017

Should have put his cock into that big mouth but the fist in the chops is good enough for me. Should have followed through with a left hook and a knee to the guts. I would be pissed if it was my drink knocked over.

Anonymous -1 Points June 3, 2017

He followed her got one chic it get out of the way. He grabbed under the bar counter to give himself leverage to pull himself against her to pin her in one place. It looks like she is telling him to leave her alone, at that point he starts grabbing her. She puts her knee up to keep him away from her. He won't let go and she protects herself by hitting him. He then slugs the shit out of her. He is the aggressor and was probably planning on raping her if she didn't have sex willingly.

Anonymous -1 Points June 14, 2016

So many pussy mother fuckers walking around acting cool but all fail to react to this assault.. What a bunch of mindless assholes.. Alcohol is turning you fucks into sheep!

james +0 Points September 5, 2015

What the fuck is a nignog? Some black dude must have fucked your wife in the ass while your parents watched or something....Haha

McJohnson +0 Points July 15, 2015

Funny to see the conflict among commenters here. Which do they hate more, black men or women? Which do they find themselves in the awkward position of trying to defend?

They're both dumb kids. The proof: it's Florida.

Niknik +0 Points July 9, 2015

Self Defense? Get a grip. Like that little blonde was going to kick his ass You are fucking delusional. She was never a real threat to harm him and he could have handled her with FAR less violence and force. The scumbag hauled off and punched a woman full force. End of story. Say goodbye to that NFL dream pal.

Niknik +0 Points July 9, 2015

Self Defense? Get a grip. Like that little blonde was going to kick his ass You are fucking delusional. She was never a real threat to harm him and he could have handled her with FAR less violence and force. The scumbag hauled off and punched a woman full force. End of story. Say goodbye to that NFL dream pal.

imanerd +0 Points July 8, 2015

yea she had it coming. there was an obvious reason to raise his had; she raised hers first. thats it. the whole argument that he wasnt in a life threatening situation is kinda dumb, because if the roles were reversed and he was the aggressor, she would be in the right for defending herself right? sex has nothing to do with equality. both are humans. she started it, he finished it.

men should hit women +0 Points July 8, 2015

Right thing to do bitch had it coming

A real man +0 Points July 8, 2015

Whoever wrote the above comment is a complete loser piece of shit and not a man because I don't care what a woman does to you if she's not threatening your life there's no reason ever to raise your hand. You're crying about equal rights that a man should be able to hit a woman back, who the hell raised you? Obviously you weren't raised right and have no class. Any man that hits a woman that's not a life-threatening situation is a complete joke and I will guarantee he does that because you can't take on real man in a fight and they like to hit on women and feel good about themselves. I don't care what she said to him or what she called him or anything about that all the idiot had to do was walk away and he would still be in school and on the team. And believe me I fight in rings for a living so I know you type of guys out there that hit women and how pathetic and a bunch of losers you all are.

thundering +0 Points July 8, 2015

he's a pussy and all you woman beaters are wimps too!

Heil to the lord of murderers of the white children +0 Points July 7, 2015

Adolf and Joseph, my homosexual lovers where art thou? I am not a homo but I would have slept with Hitler and Stalin just for the courageous acts they displayed. Lord Hitler and Lord Stalin, two of the greatest men on this planet. Thank you Atilla. Thank you Benito. Lord bless the Hitler family.

Heil to the lord of murderers +0 Points July 7, 2015

Heil my lord Adolf Hitler. Heil my lord Joseph Stalin.

I don't like white people much +0 Points July 7, 2015

But I like some white people. Adam Lanza, Jared Loughner, Josef Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Atila the Hun. They all killed millions of whites, some in mass murders, others with rifles and shotguns. Keep it up white people, thank you for killing your own people.

You white fucking assholes don't know facts +0 Points July 7, 2015

Most NRA members are white people. OK that was but obvious. Most paranoid assholes are nothing but whites. And although it's a shame that some whites kill blacks and some white cops kill blacks, the overwhelming majority of gun violence victims are whites. This is based on the fact that white suicide rate is 5 times higher than black suicide rate. Black suicide rate is about 4 times higher among blacks than among whites. Overall though, in sheer numbers, more whites die from gun violence. Whites commit suicide using guns. This is not bad news. I've always been a supporter of the NRA because I know that large numbers of white assholes die from gun violence each year from suicides. You think gun violence happens in Detroit and Chicago. Wrong. Gun violence occurs in white trash homes around the country, from NY to CA and from MN to TX. Heil Hitler.

The ToplesCoparazzi +0 Points July 7, 2015

It's what I'm doin to yo gangstalkin mofo ass, look it up you reptiloid.

The ToplessCoparazzi +0 Points July 7, 2015

Reptilian bych it's down, I'm DOXIN yo ass & will post info on my next video look it up my YouTube channel under HappyHooker83 and The ToplessCoparazzi fuckin craka.

@The Toplesscoparazzi +0 Points July 7, 2015

Nice try Ybm you can't fish for shit

Gotcha bitch! +0 Points July 7, 2015

Your "Proportional" arguments aren't facts. NRA doesn't provide guns to anyone dingus. Good for you, no one cares about how pathetic you are. Poor sucker never got attention growing up.. Boo who. How pathetic are you that you go to shooshtime for attention by trying to say the most ignorant controversial thing you can come up with and all just to be noticed by someone? Hahaha Poor sad little boy. Are you so fat that you've been stuck in your moms house for the past ten years having had no human contact with the outside world? That would explain your attention issues. Or maybe mommy and daddy didn't love you enough growing up. Grow up and be a man you pussy made bitch

The ToplessCoparazzi +0 Points July 7, 2015

Who the fuck is the nagger Bych with the fucking shit spewing out of her kraut loving cocksucking hole? Bych I'll DOX yo ass, that's what I do, go after yo money, info and fuck you up. Talkin all that shit about something you have no fuckin idea about. I'll post a video about you on my channel see how you be laughing and shit then. I hate when people do shit that makes do shit I don't want to do, reptilian Bych it's down.

Gotcha bitch! +0 Points July 7, 2015

I can't even argue with your dumbass, every argument you make defeats itself.

Hitler stopped millions of whites from reproducing +0 Points July 7, 2015

Hitler clearly showed that white people were bigger savages than blacks. I wouldn't have been able to explain this to the whites had Hitler not provided us with historic examples of how brutally savages the white people really are. And Stalin followed him. It was like a competition going on between Hitler and Stalin to decide how many whites can we kill. Precious! Thank God, I am not white. Blacks people don't kill each other by the millions. Sure the blacks engage in crime and murders no doubt. But I think it takes a special kind of white murderer to mass murder people. Seems like whites have perfected the idea of genocide and mass murders. History has shown us that. Thank you white hypocrites. I hope you all kill your family and friends with your NRA supplied guns.

Gotcha bitch! +0 Points July 7, 2015

No you just make everything white vs black issue. Oh and hitler is dead coon boy

Is this Man v Woman issue? Or black v white? +0 Points July 7, 2015

Why do white mom fuckers feel the pain when white bitches are hit by black men? Why not feel the pain when blacks are murdered by shooting them in the back by white asshole racist cops? Thank you Hitler for killing the whites by the millions. Heil Hitler.


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