Bam Margera Shit Talks Girls, Gets WRECKED

For another $20 she'll clean up your cum too Imagine finding your cousin on Chaturbate... "I did something dirty to your wife last night" Barely 18-years-old and already a sex fiend So THIS is why he only allows female roommates No Condoms, NO FUCKS GIVEN Girlfriends Like Her Make Life Worth Living!


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seanybiker +1 Point July 28, 2016

When is he gonna do us all a favour and reenact the ryan dunn ending

some white guy +0 Points July 3, 2015

He is such a moron, and to think he already had brain damage beforehand, now hes just going to be even more of a retard. They should have put him in a coma so the rest of the world could be done with him.

9:07PM, I don't see you attacking the white racists -1 Points June 22, 2015

White racists have pushed me to the furthest corner in this debate. Yes I get my data from government and public sources. So what? That's where the data is. Remember, the white racist assholes started racism. The origin of racism begins in the white culture, not my culture. You call me the N word. I don't think you are racist but you shld watch your language. Every action has equal and opposite reaction. I attack the whites only because they started this war, not me. The government is on the side of the blacks, not white racists. Everyone hates white racists. Hitler was just a natural course correction for racism gone too far. White racism hurts whites more than it hurts blacks. Hitler and Stalin proved it. Blacks will survive this racism. White racists will die. KKK is dead, black organizations are not. No one likes KKK. Everyone loves blacks in America. Good night.

Anonymous +0 Points December 4, 2018

Your a fucking retard. Nigger meant a person of ignorance....hence why u all called niggers your too dumb to open your brain to real truths. White racism? It is only a known fact that from 1841 to slavery ending 78% of all slave owners were niggers molatos and Jews. Also who do you think sold ur dirty nigget asses to the Jews who brought your worthless asses to America u fucking welfare 70 kids who cant graduate high school living off us real white Americans. You stupid fucking nigger. Oh you probably wouldn't realize your nigger race is responsible for 73% of all welfare in this country but not only #1 in that field your IQ average is 73 which is why we lowered the testing so most you couldn't be proven retards. God I would love to debate your nigger ass in a real life but God knows your just a stupid fucking nigger hiding behind a oppressed free 3 generations of welfare life and education is a fairy tale only taught in them da da da books dare nigger. Good bye you racist nigger and die by the gun like all your family probably has because of stupid nigger rap music. Hail Hitler nigger

My person of the century award for the 20th century goes to +0 Points June 22, 2015

Adolf and Joseph. Good job both of you. I wish Adolf had produced like 100's of kids and grandkids. Adolf was a good guy. He caused the deaths of 60 million whites. The war is coming. Cops will kill white supremacists soon. Hahahahaha. It's not blacks on white. It's white cops on white supremacists. I can't wait to watch the nightly news when that happens.

The below data was deaths per 100,000 +0 Points June 22, 2015

The below data was deaths per 100,000. Fucking white morons don't understand science and statistics nor are their writing skills up to par with blacks. So I have to do the dirty job of educating the white racist mom fuckers. Hahahahahaha.

Whites kill themselves at a higher rate, Hahahahahahahaha +0 Points June 22, 2015

Whites (homicide): 3.3

Whites (suicide): 13.6

Blacks (homicide): 17.7

Blacks (suicide): 5.2

-------------Blacks de from murder violence. Whites commit suicides. Hahahahaha. Fucking morons, do it sooner, I don't like to see your faces on the streets and in the shopping malls.

Nice +0 Points June 22, 2015

Didn't this turd bag die in a car wreck? No? To bad.

lol +0 Points June 22, 2015

his buddies tried to save him but the dumb ass asks for it and GOT IT!

F350 +0 Points June 22, 2015

Don't talk pussy boy, you are a nothing! A true internet clown. You comments are mute, you are done asshole

DOOM TO ALL WIGGERS +0 Points June 22, 2015

That's what I though bitch!

NWO +0 Points June 22, 2015

He is a drug addict fucking loser anyway. They should of pounded his ass into the cement.

juanhunglow +0 Points June 22, 2015

bam to the head

:) +0 Points June 22, 2015


DOOM TO ALL WIGGERS +0 Points June 22, 2015

Meet me anywhere you name bitch! I'll be there! Name it! As long as it's within walking distance to moms, she won't take me to fights anymore!

Cocksucker doom watch this video +0 Points June 22, 2015

See what happens to shit talkers doom? Too bad you don't have the balls to find out for yourself, run and hide pussy boy

The Phoenix +0 Points June 22, 2015

What a jackass!

darwin +0 Points June 22, 2015

And he is "famous" for.....? (I'm old. Cut me some slack).

Yo! +0 Points June 22, 2015

Drama Queen.

Big White +0 Points June 22, 2015

I had no idea this guy was still active let alone relevant. Do kids today even know who he is?

Yes, I endorse this video +0 Points June 22, 2015

Best video on Shoosh in ages, shame they did not jump up and down on his head a few times.

I met him in the UK at a skatepark about 8 years ago, he is an absolute prick!

f +0 Points June 22, 2015

he's started to look like his fat fuck father. there comes a time when you must grow up

I'm sorry Bam who +0 Points June 22, 2015



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