Girl in 90's ass fucked so hard she feels it today


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  • 8 January 2016
  • 26:16


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EmilyKatherine 8 January 2023

My bff Violet looks EXACTLY like this girl. Violet started puberty at 8 & is now 11 & fully developed. She's 5'0" 32D/20/34 & 97lbs. Guys constantly flirt w/her. If they ugly she jus says "I'm 11 & a felony" & they usually leave. If they hawt, she flirts back hard. If they ask her age she totes lies & says 18. Then she goes to they car or wherever n go all tha way. She says she tells em her real age as they cum inside her. I love Violet lolz

cabuch 21 December 2022

Who she is?