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Nothing wrong with multitasking lol

@first I thought it was Bailey Brooke but when I saw those nipples I knew it was Elen Hot.

cornbeef -1 Points November 4, 2017 WHAT THE FUCK? OF COURSE IT'S RUSSIA

@Anonymous I watched it once then read your comment then watched it again. She ain't wearing panties. Please note that I did not zoom in to clarify that lol

Ok its pretty funny lol

Nice ass that's it really

Then she goes home and really wants to fuck her brother

cornbeef +0 Points November 4, 2017 Wait for it...

Still waiting lol

@Anonymous its your mom lol

She made that for her bf. That's his favorite sauce lol

Montell Jordon-This is how we do it lol

She must be like that with his penis too ;D

Probably the only way this dude can get turned on lol His only way of satisfaction

cornbeef +1 Point June 20, 2017 Caught Masturbating in Library

Her parents must be proud lol

Real cock my ass lol as real as Donald Trump's hair lol

She's real but this scenario is fake

Only asking black guys?

Doesn't have a BBC so he uses the closes thing to it lol

The real wwe lol what goes on behind the curtain lol

That guy can do push-ups...with no hands lol

Look at this mothafuckah...acting like a G after knocking out an old defenceless lady. Nigga please!


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