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andorman +0 Points October 29, 2018 Exposing a HOT PENN State Cheerleader

My girlfriend goes to Penn State, its amazing what they have in the dorm rooms now, all those hi tech showers with built in three view video. I couldnt get over it. Now wonder all the students do is have sex instead of going to class.

andorman +0 Points October 18, 2018 Amanda Seyfried ON and OFF

believe it or not, went to school with her in one liked her, she thought she was hot shit.

the young lady at 5 mins 30 secs knows her stuff

Just once, I wish you guys would show an anal video where I could ascertain the difference between "Oh God, please put it in my ass", and "Aye, Carumba"......

andorman +0 Points August 29, 2018 oh FUCK YEAH

she's good....real good....I'm jealous, wow

wow....was he fucking her, or was she fucking him......very hot....

THAT is one superb cocksucker, let me tell you....

the last thing she is, is AMATEUR. She's all over the place like a rash

THE GIRL KNOWS HOW TO RIDE, let there be no doubt....its like she invented it.....but as always, the usual question of where the hell is the rest of the video......

translation please.....I'm so sick of not being able to understand

wow,..... a TRUE anal orgasm without even playing with herself in the process...very rare....she's a keeper

I knew she was an ass to mouth skank the minute I saw the chipped nail polish

andorman -1 Points July 5, 2018 lol calm the fuck down bro

as my dear old dad used to say... "Go out and get a fucking lunch can "

one of the hottest ATK vids I have ever seen....they're all good, but this one is exceptional

what the fuck was that all about???

Even though she needs a slap across the head for being so cocky, I'll give her this much....she knows how to ride a cock better than most chicks

cute little thing...bad actress though....

the stuff that legends are made of, without a doubt

I think that was some serious fucking......

she gives whole new meaning to the term "wet suit"

this guy gives a whole new meaning to the term "sitting there with a thumb up the ass"....

and we're supposed to believe that this is real and unplanned????......I've seen that "dorm room" with the pictures tacked to the wall in no less than a dozen different videos....its used all the time.....


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