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what a crock of absolute fake shit audition, my ass.

andorman +0 Points May 19, 2019 Giada de Laurentis

for a change shes not smiling as she usually does like she has a fucking wire coat hanger in her mouth

shower sex is the best

She is in one phrase an absolute work of art. I saw this before and there are two companion videos of her doing anal that go along with it. They are a real couple

Personally myself, I would have shot it right on the tongue and in the mouth

The boy is gifted and so is she notice at 213 the tongue in and out underneath the head THAT, is expertise

This guy has already been proven to be a big fraud. None of them are first timers or real amateurs seeking to just be in porn.

@Anonymous , are you sure thats Mya?? Doesnt look like her. Thought she was way more blonde

She is superbly hot. Love listening to her moan. And I love his attitude. Simply, youre getting it up the ass whether you like it or not.

no way this is hidden cam...she looks right at the camera at 451 so she knows it's there. Secondly, I've seen this video countless times before with no less than ten different titles, ranging from screwing his sister, to girl next door,etc even amateur porn is getting filled with fake shit, record it and call it what it is......truthfully

andorman +0 Points March 29, 2019 BUSTED at a Friend's House Party

hey, you're gonna have a party at your house, you have to expect it.

andorman +0 Points March 29, 2019 BUSTED at a Friend's House Party

what a shame now when the party is over they either have to change mom and dads sheets before they come home, or, explain what all those little black curly hairs are

She is GOOO- OOOOOOOOD, and certainly knows what she is doing, ....BUT.....a lot of it is just acting for the camera. The question is, is she like that in REAL WORLD.......

oh god....the socks....please get rid of those fucking rediculous socks.....

oh god no.....not the dreaded arianna cat ears.....almost as bad if not worse than the girls that insist on wearing those fucking bootie socks while they fuck

thats julio gomez the largest cock in porn too bad she wont be seeing him again....according to an article I just read, he was just arrested in brooklyn for armed robbery or something and headed to prison for the SECOND time....

This is obviously the real deal as opposed to staged. I will say this though...... She is as goofy as a bedbug, and if she whipped out that phone to text while I was fucking her, I'd crack her right in the fucking head

pool tabel fucking is stupid. She needs to shut the fuck up too

yeah he's a real stud that one NOT

what a croc of shit if you think for one minute they are real college kids you are completely stupid

not alluded to here, but on several other sites it says she is indeed getting anal

Good Lord what an ending number 15

she is indeed a cute little thing. Trust me though, in about 30 years she's going to regret that rediculous fucking tattoo

I used to date a girl years ago that was that orgasmic. I should have married her.


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