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shaidurshawn +0 Points October 13, 2018

you ar a hot ot not

Anonymous +0 Points October 11, 2018

Dude where’s all you funny comments? We miss you

Anonymous +0 Points September 5, 2018


Anonymous +0 Points September 20, 2018


Points for Jesus +0 Points August 25, 2018

The Lord givith, the Lord taketh away. Repent for your sins!

Anonymous +0 Points August 19, 2018


Anonymous +0 Points August 14, 2018

Archie is a shit name.

Anonymous +2 Points August 23, 2018

@Anonymous you mother doesn’t think so asshole

Anonymous +0 Points August 10, 2018

Can anyone give me some good snapchat accounts that post quality nudes and videos of hit teens

Anonymous +0 Points August 9, 2018


Anonymous +0 Points July 20, 2018

I'm so lonely. Please help.

Archie +1 Point July 23, 2018

Buy a dog! @Anonymous

maahi123 +0 Points July 3, 2018

Russian Escorts Kolkata those are belong to air hostess beck ground they are good-looking and well affected as well.

unhalesachin +0 Points June 26, 2018


Archie +1 Point July 23, 2018


Tismaijn -1 Points June 16, 2018

Guys don't live/build-up your status, on porn sites. Commit to the wank then go straight to bed. May the sauce be with you!

Anonymous +0 Points May 18, 2018

Hey. Thank bro

Archie -4 Points April 8, 2018

Hey everyone, just wanted to say that I'm gay. I finally feel comfortable enough to say i enjoy taking dicks in the ass and thats why i have so much time to be on a porn site. Thanks for the support

Anonymous +0 Points August 14, 2018

Gay! Gay! Gay! Gay!@Archie

Archie +2 Points April 16, 2018

@ FAKE Archie, you’re what we used to call a bitch where I used to reside, because you were either on your knees or holding your ankles to survive another day. Would like to meet you sometime motherfucker. AFFA

xxrozixx +0 Points April 1, 2018

I want Fuck all around the house

Archie +2 Points April 30, 2018

Hope you have a BIG house!@xxrozixx

Anonymous -1 Points February 15, 2018

Thanks I placed Order!

Archie +1 Point February 21, 2018

What the fuck are you talking about?@Anonymous

Anonymous -2 Points December 22, 2017


Anonymous +0 Points December 11, 2017

Gangsta shit

Anonymously -3 Points December 10, 2017

Get a life Archie

Archie +3 Points December 15, 2017

@Anonymously, blow me you cocksucker

a_futile_gesture -1 Points November 21, 2017


Anonymous +0 Points October 28, 2017

Thanks. Lena Paul

Anonymous +0 Points May 27, 2018


yourwish32 -2 Points June 4, 2017

I'm looking to meet someone to have fun with, without changing my current situation, maybe starting with lunch or drinks and see where things go. How about you? Would be good to hear a little about you and see if we have anything in common. If you'd like write to me direct with this my email address;( ) and i will send you my picture for you to know whom i am, thanks for your understanding. Looking forward to hear from you soon .... All the best,Brenda

sickfuck25male -2 Points January 8, 2017

hey hows it going? I just joined and am trying to find a friend whose a member on here. I was wondering if you could help me out and tell me how to search for metrying for a mbers because ive been trying for a while and cant figure it out. if you can help id really appreciate it. Thanks


bakezy -3 Points January 7, 2018

Do you still need help mate? @sickfuck25male


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