Brazil Might be the SHITTIEST Place on Earth

12 minutes, 27 crimes - all on the same fucking street directly in front of the stadium housing the next Olympic games. Might be time to hit that nuke button.

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User Comments (40)

  • Spooky @ 03/03/16 05:35AMBest Comment
    Tell me again why black lives matter?
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  • anonymous @ 03/03/16 11:37PM
    What do you expect from a country where abortion is illegal and contraception is preached against? This is the future of the United States if the ultra religious, right wing conservatives get into power.
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  • anonymous @ 03/04/16 08:14AM
    Black lives matter because they are human beings and humanity has to come to terms with its past history of slavery. Sounds like someone is stuck in 1840s.
    1 1
  • anonymous @ 03/03/16 12:56PM
    OMG what a shitty ass misleading article! Dude for fuck sake how is "12 minutes, 27 crimes" if you show different locations at different times of the day?! Talk about sensationalism. But hey buddy! I am not sure what is worse... if a country where Trump has a chance, mass shootings happens on a constant basis, ghettos are present in every city, guns are unregulated, defence programs has all the money rather than education and health care or, Brazil.... I honestly say both a pretty fucked places! And as a American-Brazilian living in Europe after being in 3 different continents - I would say hit that button on both countries
    1 1
  • Nigga luva @ 03/03/16 09:21AM
    Poor mosquitos, what will they catch? # mosquito lives matter
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  • lol @ 03/03/16 05:25AM
    And the point of the cameras is? Nice place to go target shooting
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  • vaussie @ 11/03/16 01:04PM
    this is a good warning and educational video for anyone who wants to travel to brazil.
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  • anonymous @ 10/28/16 03:29AM
    Is there any law there where are the fucking cops
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  • BRAZILIAN PEOPLE @ 08/31/16 02:52PM
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  • anonymous @ 06/06/16 02:04PM
    Little Sambo's is all the Same...
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  • anonymous @ 03/11/16 09:06PM
    in my opinion they are playing "nature" like one tiger catches a gazelle but another tiger finds the carcass and steals it, however it sickens me seeing this and seeing no'one stick up for themselves. yes the kids stealing are young but regardless they deserve a smack or two..... or maybe three! fuck the racist bullshit they can be white, yellow, red, black same deal... kid try's to steal you smack em. that should be the new meaning of political correct
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  • anonymous @ 03/10/16 07:53PM
    i have a budy that lives there, when i go to visit he tells me not to leave his side,,,because this does happen alot,,,dont pull out your cellphones and where expansive stuff
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  • anonymous @ 03/07/16 07:24AM
    They should be slaved, AT SCHOOLS. Education is the answer to all these problems. It's not about race.
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  • anonymous @ 03/04/16 12:28PM
    Where in the FUCK do they get their flip flops from?!?!?! I can't find a pair that lasts me through a hard pushed fart, let alone RUNNING in them!!!
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  • anonymous @ 03/03/16 11:27PM
    brazils not that bad, just has heaps of skinny little homeless punks that needs exterminating
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  • anonymous @ 03/03/16 11:23PM
    omg they have buses in brazil
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  • malusdesmodus @ 03/03/16 06:53PM
    There's a real simple solution, next one who robs someone, just shoot him for dead. You'll see muggings stop over night.
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  • Brazilian @ 03/03/16 06:43PM
    The Earth must be the shittiest place of the Universe.
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  • Weewee @ 03/03/16 04:54PM
    Flip flop fuckers......was waitin for one to get shot or at least bet like an ass!!!
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  • anonymous @ 03/03/16 04:29PM
    Looks like they're going after tourist which is pretty damn common in Brazil
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  • Tom Cruise @ 03/03/16 03:05PM
    Scientology is all that matters!
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  • anonymous @ 03/03/16 12:02PM
    Where are those guys from elite squad??
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  • Nice @ 03/03/16 11:15AM
    Are they going to quietly round up these assholes and make them disappear?
    0 0
  • anonymous @ 03/03/16 10:50AM
    the most disgusting thing here is, that nobody help the persons who get attacked out of nothing
    0 0
  • anonymous @ 03/03/16 10:01AM
    I hate Brazil, fuckin shitholes
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  • beefy @ 03/03/16 08:57AM
    shoosh is on the worse server EVER!
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  • Nigger @ 03/03/16 08:00AM
    Just carry a single hand open pocket knife, give them a nice poke back when they graphics at you. Funny how they take off when they see the blood
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  • anonymous @ 03/03/16 07:09AM
    Great web page...!!! Video sistem great fail...!
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  • anonymous2112 @ 03/03/16 06:58AM
    Just curious, did anyone else see the movie City Of God? I thought it was great. (it's a foreign film that came out 2002/03 referenced as 'The Brazilian Good Fellas' Time magazine had it being only film to come out in last 15 years to be in the Top 10 Films of all time. I wouldn't go that far. I think it's available now on NF streaming. I would definitely recommend seeing it.)
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  • anonymous @ 03/03/16 05:38AM
    I'm brazilian and I can't even watch the video because my internet sucks. I hate this fucking country.
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  • anonymous @ 03/03/16 02:48AM
    i would curb stop a 13yr if i had to.
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  • Brazilian @ 03/03/16 02:27AM
    These thieves are acting passively on the video. Generally, they kill to steal a watch, a purse or a cell phone. Our country is a SHITTIEST place!!!
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  • Brazilian @ 03/03/16 02:20AM
    I'M BRAZILIAN and believe me, the laws here defending these thieves. If the police mistreat, the police will be punished. Tourists, I'm sorry for you who come to the Olympics. I hope God protects you who come to enjoy here. Here have "human rights" laws to protect anyone who mistreats these thieves. Our country is ruined! The police know that, know the time and who are the thieves. But they can't do anything. Constantly we'll watch these episodes. Save yourself if you can!
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  • jiangjiaxin @ 03/03/16 12:23AM
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  • anonymous @ 03/03/16 12:20AM
    Wtf shooshtime, no wonder your site runs sooo slow. Why the hell is a 12min video -> 275mb? Do you like wasting bandwidth? There no need to have videos that are that big especially when the source is normally pretty average. You can get 1080p movies that go for hours that are abit over a gig, Jesus...
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