White Trash Chick Defends Mom's Honor

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chuck +0 Points October 2, 2010

Olive oil is a bitch!

vpose +0 Points October 1, 2010

red head chick should have made her kiss her feet

.... +0 Points October 1, 2010

"we need more lemon pledge"

NIMBY +0 Points October 1, 2010

obnoxious dykes from south of the border. do something with yourselves.

WTF +0 Points October 1, 2010

Actually there not mexican their even worse their puerto ricans, now here mother can finally die in peace knowing she has left good seeds on this earth for all of us, "NIGGA!"

yaya +0 Points October 1, 2010

stupid mexicans

clearly +0 Points September 30, 2010

lesbians. i'd have jacked off as i streaked across the view of the camera and then escape their yard, just to add some humor and chaos to the situation.

brooklyngod +0 Points September 30, 2010

what a bunch of stupid shits and like it or not most likely they will have babies. oh si

kev +0 Points September 30, 2010

WTFin fuck was that?!!! Goddamn were in trouble with clowns like that running around! FUCK!

jel +0 Points September 30, 2010

Why is her retarded inbred brother father in charge of the camera? Honestly, most disgraceful attempt at filming something ever.

faggatyjoe +0 Points September 30, 2010

who let the dogs out?

hahhaa +0 Points September 30, 2010

dumb ghetto ass skanks...wow great use of the english language...nig nig niga..put these whores out there misery!

Hmmm... +0 Points September 30, 2010

Did they run out of burritos that day or what?

Liam +0 Points September 30, 2010

Whod breed with that ugly pig , besides her brother

Damn +0 Points September 30, 2010

Ahh what a future we have ahead of us - can only hope she does not consider breeding - please - end it at this generation.


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