White Teacher Snaps, Goes Off On Blacks

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Guri +0 Points December 26, 2012

By , November 29, 2010 at 12:26 amThanks for putting this out in the open. I know pltney of gay people who nonchalantly greet people with hey bitch or that's my nigga but will get ready to punch somebody out for using the f word. It is hypocritical, point blank.I do see similiarities between the N word and F word though, both can be derogatory and both have had violence or discrimination tied to them.

blah +0 Points October 17, 2010

whoever gave monkeys equal rights is burning in hell right now. they must be controlled by force

This is why +0 Points October 12, 2010

... I'm not a teacher. I'm too well educated to be one. I know too much about the system. Only idiots go to public schools. Just turn them out on the real world. See how they survive.

Ace +0 Points October 11, 2010

Monkeys are like why should I learn, when i can have 10 monkey babies and live of tax payers money and collect welfare all my life!!!

steve +0 Points October 11, 2010

Theres only one To Sir With Love. And that guy aint no Sidney Poitier

Wow +0 Points October 11, 2010

i need some dick in me

umm +0 Points October 11, 2010

poor guy trying to make a difference in a monkeys life and they take it for granted. maybe they know that no one will ever like their kind.

your conscious +0 Points October 11, 2010

It amazes me that these teachers make jack shit year round to put up with these few. literally, retarded people. That student will go on to be a janitor in the same school. Starts from the parents.

lol +0 Points October 11, 2010

moments like these make me glad I'm not black

hmm +0 Points October 11, 2010

couldnt hear much

x +0 Points October 11, 2010


Wow +0 Points October 11, 2010

Such intelligent comments so far. Nice one fucktards.

Prlaaax +0 Points October 11, 2010

Is it a Zoo?

I see a lot of monkeys



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