White Kid Humiliated Fighting Weak Black Guy

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lolwut +0 Points May 17, 2010

?? this is just sad to watch

WTF!!! +0 Points April 7, 2010

That nigga has heart (referring to the white kid) WTF!! they call white people niggas now?

brooklyngod +0 Points April 7, 2010

zzzzzzzz, whatever. oh si

damn +0 Points April 7, 2010

That was weak. The black dude took it easy on Waldo. Waldo could have gotten his face stomped. A chick could whoop Waldo's ass. i hope he learned to never fight again

melton +0 Points April 7, 2010

now that was one classic fight. a weak waldo white kid and a cool sleepy ass black dude. pinche good.

umm +0 Points April 7, 2010

wut the fuck did i just watch?? i was embarrassed and i wasnt even the one fighting like a queer

. +0 Points April 7, 2010

lmfao, I felt weird watching this. Please tell me this was done on April fools. It was liken to watching to special ed kids fight. At first it's entertaining but then quickly becomes sad.

whitey +0 Points April 7, 2010

black dude wasnt even tryin... poor kid

Doc56 +0 Points April 7, 2010

Go back to dance class Waldo

darwin +0 Points April 7, 2010

Disgraceful. Your white card has been revoked, and you are banished to Iceland for the rest of your life.

ROFL +0 Points April 7, 2010

"All men are not created equal. Negros retain more primitive gorilla savage genes"


chuck +0 Points April 7, 2010

dumb white kids, learn how to fight!! All men are not created equal. Negros retain more primitive gorilla savage genes. They instinctively know how to fight, run, dace and rap. They are todays modern day court jesters for the white man.

Liam +0 Points April 7, 2010

Pretty pointless

lilzook +0 Points April 7, 2010

lmfao..now that was entertaining

Me +0 Points April 7, 2010

That was such a pathetic display on both sides that I couldn't make it to the end.


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