When Swapping A Motor In Your Car Fails

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... +0 Points August 16, 2010

Well, to you people below that don't know a lot about cars. The reason he's laughing hysterically is because it was a prank. They probably unbolted/loosed the engine mounts so when he went to torque down bolts the engine fell out. Pretty funny.

spine +0 Points August 16, 2010

stooopid set up fake ass videos... if i wanted to see that i would watch television...

thedude +0 Points August 16, 2010

They probably intended for the motor to drop. usually when you're doing an engine swap on a honda you let the motor out the bottom then pick the car up with a hoist and drag the engine out. passenger and driver side mounts are the last ones you undo to

brooklyngod +0 Points August 16, 2010

johnny +0 Points August 16, 2010

he laughs because it happened, he wont be laughing when he gets dropped by his friend

lol +0 Points August 16, 2010

anger management

house +0 Points August 16, 2010

did the engine died?

john +0 Points August 16, 2010

the dude laughs like it's the funniest thing in the world....the engine dropped...big deal....fucking get a life noob


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