When Loading A Shitbox Car Goes Wrong

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nigger +0 Points July 24, 2010

I wish I owned a car.

Noob +0 Points July 23, 2010

What a dumbass. Couldn't you just drive the car to your new home?

cracker honkey +0 Points July 23, 2010

ah ha ha ha! that whore! i'd slap tha shit out of her!

wow +0 Points July 23, 2010

what was worse the accident or the car?

i +0 Points July 22, 2010

that the car is a p.o.s ricer. it prolly was only worth what the rims cost. it prolly had more bondo and rust on it then body parts underneath that paint. get some american muscle.

lilzook +0 Points July 22, 2010

lmfao..it was a piece of shit anyway

ROFL +0 Points July 22, 2010

the car just pushed the ramp out of the way, what a bunch of retards.

Gosh +0 Points July 22, 2010

FENDERS CUNT! Quarter Panels are in the back!

Vagoona Lover +0 Points July 22, 2010

that fucking whore, i'd beat the shit out of that retarded cunt and make her lick my asshole for a whole week. FuckShitPiss!

donkey sperm +0 Points July 22, 2010

did they died?

Jolokia +0 Points July 22, 2010

fenders not quarter panels fart bag.

dave +0 Points July 22, 2010

its only a 500 dollar car... either way, my physics say at that speed and wieght it would of rolled back and kill someone. ONLY IN AMERICA

kev +0 Points July 22, 2010

Only in America!

george +0 Points July 22, 2010

fucking FAKE

Please end that Gen pool +0 Points July 22, 2010

I can only imagine what would have happened if she "didn't" turn. She probably saved one of these dumb asses life.

dick +0 Points July 22, 2010

fuckin retards,they realy expected that car to shoot up them short ramps,i thought i had stupid neighbors,and how the fuck would she get out of the car after it was in

meee +0 Points July 22, 2010

whether se turned or not, the fuckers with the ifea are the idiots in the first place. Morons.

Seriously? +0 Points July 22, 2010

What is it, like 20 bucks for a car trailer from the same place?

foo +0 Points July 22, 2010

next time chick holds the camera, let a dude drive.....but yea, that ramp wouldn't hold anyway.

haha +0 Points July 22, 2010

she clearly turned!

superman +0 Points July 22, 2010

why did that bitch turn?

wow! +0 Points July 22, 2010

yup ideots, at the their best the ramps were obviously too far appart and the wrong type to use and weren't braced for that kinda load.. no matter what would of happened the car would of pushed the ramps outta the way and the car would slammed into the b

Yes +0 Points July 22, 2010

Fucking geniuses.


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