Perfect Doesn't Even Begin to Describe Her

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Alfredo +0 Points June 27, 2013

These photos are of Prof. Leonard Interrante in the Chemistry denmrtaept. The image on the right looks like a shot from Cogswell Laboratory, but I'm not positive.I bet you could just drop him an email and ask him to guess the year based on the students in the first photo.Good luck (and great blog!)

vgtferd +0 Points June 7, 2013

oh shit

TheMostImportant +0 Points November 13, 2012

She could use more ass, to be perfect.

ds +0 Points August 12, 2012

does she have a face (not that it matters, i guess)

axiom +0 Points July 10, 2012

she's gorgeous

th4 +0 Points July 9, 2012

that´s a perfect 10

OHSHIT! +0 Points June 19, 2012

who's that girl!

who´s she? +0 Points June 19, 2012

I need the answer!

Meat1 +1 Point November 29, 2011

once had a chick that look like this ..she dump me for cumming to quick ..i said NO SHIT? look at you.

dvs1 +1 Point November 10, 2011

dam this bitch is bad

sailattss +1 Point October 9, 2011


sailattss +1 Point October 9, 2011


sailattss +1 Point October 9, 2011


sailattss +1 Point October 9, 2011


milky +1 Point September 29, 2011

shoosher must be a virgin. i dont think he's ever seen a woman naked.

raulegastelo2 +1 Point September 28, 2011

that is what a woman's figure is suppose to look like... damn sexy

xemp7 +1 Point September 28, 2011


ColoradoBoy +1 Point September 28, 2011

Overly big fake tits...too bad

showittome +1 Point September 28, 2011

Man, if that's what you call average....I would love to see your perfect, those tits are unreal! Sure she can't move very well, but goddamn!!

Jackmeoff +1 Point September 28, 2011

could have showed her ass more

shoosher +0 Points September 28, 2011

you can describe her as average maybe?


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