Weather Reporting Has Never Been This Dramatic

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Yale +0 Points February 10, 2010

I wonder if he sounds like that when he's cumming in Willard Scott's mouth?

nick +0 Points February 8, 2010

hes ALWAYS this way. off the wall. every night! Jim Kosek of ABC 7 out of Bangor Maine

nick +0 Points February 8, 2010

thats my weather man from maine! were crazy up here! baaaaaaaa

dick +0 Points February 7, 2010

what an asshole,use to live in northeast(dont miss it 1 bit)every time this snow shit would happen they acted like it was the end of the world

massiveattack +0 Points February 7, 2010

stupid old

Doc56 +0 Points February 7, 2010

On the bright side after years of Washinton giving the people the snow job they finally get one from Muther nature

lilzook +0 Points February 7, 2010

he was definitly Coked up..haha

holy fuck +0 Points February 7, 2010

give me what youre on bro

brooklyngod +0 Points February 7, 2010

oh si


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