Wasted Girls And Extreme Cliff Diving Don't Mix

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damn +0 Points April 24, 2010

Where the fuck were her friends to pull her away from that shit? Anyway I give her 1.5 but an A for effort

HB +0 Points April 21, 2010

Sounds like Britney C. from HB said "drunk bitches".

umm +0 Points April 20, 2010

lol her titties were heavy and pulled her into the death flop

chuck +0 Points April 19, 2010

That cunt must of popped at least one of her fun bags. FYI: Dana White is a cunt.

sean +0 Points April 18, 2010

cool, was expecting something

really bad. everything was normal. looks like fun, hope I

get to do that jump soon.

yeahhh +0 Points April 18, 2010

lake havasu, az in spring break...shit is crackin!!!

Doc56 +0 Points April 18, 2010

Get her while shes out and still warm but she will get a low score for the entry the "Arizona Side smacker" isn't a high scoring dive

tuorettes guy +0 Points April 18, 2010

someone yelled "Bob Saget" :54

darwin +0 Points April 18, 2010

Rule 1...water is not soft. Rule 2....when you're shitfaced, you forget rule1.

brooklyngod +0 Points April 18, 2010

oh shi shi

DennisCharlieMac +0 Points April 18, 2010

would have jumped as well to feel her up, she won't feel it- her fucking left side will be numb for day!

if6was9 +0 Points April 18, 2010

She was fine. Those guys just jumped in to feel her up.

dfgdfg +0 Points April 18, 2010

motherfucker. i was expecting her to fall on the rocks? what a fucking ripoff. i wanted to see her die. i want a refund

lilzook +0 Points April 18, 2010

lmfao..who does she think she is...jeff hardy or sum shit..lol

brooklyngod +0 Points April 18, 2010

lol, priceless yo. oh si


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