Viral Marketing Video Fail: Mom Goes Apeshit

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bad +0 Points September 13, 2010


Arnold Pankersheen +0 Points May 20, 2010

Did anybody else notice at about 2:38 it showed the top part of the lady's panties? Nice!!

frosty +0 Points May 13, 2010

very fake.

chapelle show watcher +0 Points May 13, 2010

wow..did u hear the dad..."he must be mad at us" lol...i luv white people...they can b so understanding. lmao

wow +0 Points May 13, 2010

this bitch is crazy.... move out??

what the fuck would she do if her house was really "destroyed" ?? I think her head would literally blow into a rain of blood and brain matter...

dad +0 Points May 13, 2010

poor dad:

He must be mad at us...

ahhaha +0 Points May 13, 2010

holy shit woman.... get your shit together. It's not that bad.

Just be upset and tell your gay ass son to straighten it back up, like a normal person would... no reason to break down like your whole family died.... weak ass bitch...

brooklyngod +0 Points May 13, 2010

lame, boring, nextttttt. oh si

Cheese +0 Points May 13, 2010

Fake video to get Hits on youtube ect. PR stunt (FAIL)

damn +0 Points May 13, 2010

If she thinks that ruined her house then she's fucking stupid. "I worked my whole life for this." Shut the fuck up lady your house isn't ruined! Good prank and good way to get your product noticed for free.

. +0 Points May 13, 2010

"I think he's mad at us" hahaha that was great. I would hate to have a mother like her. Great dad though. Good Chap.

2LOLO +0 Points May 13, 2010


wtf +0 Points May 13, 2010

must be nice to have rich parents and use their money to start your own drink line

CBSH +0 Points May 13, 2010

OMG that was the funniest thing i've seen all year! I've gotta get me some of that drink!

Whered Dad go? +0 Points May 13, 2010

The old man looked like he said Fuck it and snuck out the back door

OK +0 Points May 13, 2010

the woman is hysterical and with all seriousness should consult a psychiatrist. the kid overdid it though

Ehh +0 Points May 13, 2010

This is fucking stupid. I hope this shit energy drink goes no where.

WTF +0 Points May 13, 2010

i don't usually post stuff but good fucking lord this woman deserves to be slapped the shit out of. MOM shut the fuck up and fucking smoke a joint to relax.

. +0 Points May 13, 2010

Shut...the fuck...up.....PLEASE.

des +0 Points May 13, 2010


driveredman +0 Points May 13, 2010

that was soooo funny....hahahaha

darwin +0 Points May 13, 2010

A fucking commercial. YOU FAIL.

lilzook +0 Points May 13, 2010

omfg..she was like havomg an orgasm or some shit

chuck +0 Points May 13, 2010

rich white people drama. I feel so bad for her after week long vacation in Aspen. Shitty PR Campaign No one will buy your shitty drink.

i dont know about you +0 Points May 13, 2010

but i want a vital energy.


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