Violent Girl Snaps, Kicks The Shit Out of Enemy

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Cuntflaps +0 Points March 8, 2010

Scum fucks

damn +0 Points March 7, 2010

can't they just make out and get along?

darwin +0 Points March 7, 2010

I don't have my glasses handy. Did that sign say "Costco Whorehouse"?

Doc56 +0 Points March 7, 2010

Where else in the world can you go shopping get free hand outs of food and then on the way out a floor show

haha +0 Points March 7, 2010

pretty sure that was one of Tiger Woods mistresses, see her grip on that golf club

lilzook +0 Points March 7, 2010

looks like extras from jersey

yeah... +0 Points March 7, 2010

costco, has some new marketing strategies. Superstore by day, club by night...nice.

brooklyngod +0 Points March 7, 2010

again the loser youths of america are at it once more. so this is what they do on there fridays and weekends. fight outside a costco parking lot. what a bunch of worthless human beings. oh si


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