Vicious Tackle Lays Kurt Warner Out On The Field

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dumbass +0 Points January 19, 2010

that's a block not a tackle.

Jerome +0 Points January 18, 2010

it's a clean hit!

. +0 Points January 18, 2010

shouldn't *

. +0 Points January 18, 2010

Bull shit: It was a fully legal hit. Warner should be going to a tackle unless it's a last case scenario.

Doc: Kurt didn't get hurt. He went to get checked out and he was fine and played for the majority of the game. Lienhart was put in with 5 mi

Doc56 +0 Points January 18, 2010

Curt got hurt

Pete - England +0 Points January 18, 2010

Puffs rugby, shit like this happens all the time in rugby. And they haven't got all that pansy body armor.

bull shit +0 Points January 18, 2010

that was a dirty move! fucking fox announcers were all of the cards bunch of fucking saints fans!

brooklyngod +0 Points January 18, 2010

its football. you get roughed up like that. oh si


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