UFC 118: Randy Couture vs. James Toney

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bdxkrmzs +0 Points October 6, 2010


lol +0 Points September 26, 2010

dumb, fat ass, cocky black idiot got his ass DESTROYED. Stupid boxers will never learn that UFC is the best. Go home nigga, and get some skills.

??? +0 Points August 30, 2010

Fuck the UFC for having this joke fight in the first place. First Kimbo, then Toney, and who's next, David Bautista? We want real fighters.

Noob +0 Points August 30, 2010

I like boobs! OK! James Toney is a fucking idiot. A fucking intelligent idiot. He took home more than what most seasoned MMA fighters take.

butter bean +0 Points August 30, 2010

hOW ABOUT ME?? I won and lost in MMA way back ago

Abel +0 Points August 30, 2010

haha lol good fight,for Randy, what tha fucC is James saying at the End. Hear Joe at 7:42 sound gay "this is so exciting!!!!"

Drewbert +0 Points August 30, 2010

What? A black guy fighting one on one against someone other than some skinny white kid? Hmmmm, no wonder they fight in packs.

duff420 +0 Points August 30, 2010

i knew couture would take this fight to the ground just like he stated.

... +0 Points August 30, 2010

James Toney got the last laugh. He walked away with $750K for 20 seconds of "work".

Cock Master +0 Points August 30, 2010

Tim Silvia barely even counts as a fighter. He won the belt when all the top guys were out.

Cock lover +0 Points August 30, 2010

Noob is a boob.

Toro +0 Points August 30, 2010

Actually its MMA 1 Boxing 1. Ray Mercer knocked out Tim Silvia.

Brooklyn Goddess +0 Points August 30, 2010


boxing 0


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