UFC 117: Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen

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me>you +0 Points October 26, 2010

only real mma fans know that this was a great fight. sonnen had great offense but silva had even greater defense.

I still think +0 Points August 11, 2010

your a bunch of cheap motherfuckers if this is where you have to go to see the fight

tortuga +0 Points August 11, 2010

fucking gringos, jjejjejjjej

silva's dick +0 Points August 10, 2010

anyone else notice sonnen's ground n pound suks? like seriously. thoes hammer fists(if u called em hammer fists) seemed more like pats to the face. he hit silva 200+ times and silva had no swelling or cuts. i think silva him him like 30 times total. and

you don't know shit +0 Points August 10, 2010

Silva had a much better stand-up than Sonnen. Rematch? Silva will definitely not let the match go all five rounds.

you don't know shit +0 Points August 10, 2010

Silva didn't look 100%. Who's face had a hole at the end of the fight and also lost? The only way Sonnen could've won the fight was through decision. There's no way he could've knocked him out or submit him. Silva had a much better stand-up than Sonn

sigh +0 Points August 10, 2010

how would u feel if ur ribs were injured and fighting a mma match! i would fall to the ground too if i had a rib injury. SONNEN STILL GOT A CAN OF WHOOP ASS

?????? +0 Points August 10, 2010

silva got lucky...everyone saw it...dont know what fight you were watching noob...that was MMA at its best...rematch?...hell yeah!!!

BEANER&NIGGERS +0 Points August 10, 2010

you only found this fight boring because there are no naked guys sucking each other off.

PTI +0 Points August 10, 2010

cant wait for the rematch! Silva will smash this guy, MMA RULES!!!!

this fight sucked +0 Points August 9, 2010

anderson got dominated in both striking and ground game. that submission was like a miracle for anderson. great comeback but not a good fight.

Noob +0 Points August 9, 2010

Awesome match? This fight was boring as shit due to it being a ground humpfest for most of the fight. I find it absolutely funny that Demian Maia dominated Sonnen, Anderson demolished Maia, but Anderson could not get a good footing on Sonnen at all. Had t

lilzook +0 Points August 9, 2010

awesome match..anderson proved hes a champ

dang it +0 Points August 9, 2010

I hope chael knocks Silva out next time...good fight

awesome fight +0 Points August 9, 2010

thanks for reposting the whole thing glad someone finally braught a fight to silva

brooklyngod +0 Points August 9, 2010

lol only stupid people watch this shit. oh si


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