U.S. Troop Snaps, Attacks Old Korean Man

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haha +0 Points May 15, 2014

Americans..i guess they're arrogant where ever they go. Boasting about his time in the army lol fucking puppets.

me>you +0 Points October 25, 2010

the army dude spoke some pretty damn good korean.

Cuntflaps +0 Points October 13, 2010

LOL Fuck off soldier boy.

hmmm +0 Points October 11, 2010

"i've killed more men than you've ever met"....HAHAHAHA.

Fucking loser. I bet you never left the FOB the whole time you were in Iraq (if you were even there tough guy). Get back on the porch and tell the rest of your degenerate friends just how tou

nice guy +0 Points October 10, 2010

I enjoy seeing the Islamic militants cutting these guys heads off.

nigger +0 Points October 10, 2010

oh they arent black but this is nearly similar to it. but he did not jump him and get his money. anyway hes a ashole

hanz +0 Points October 10, 2010

shit talken...

Mr Risky +0 Points October 10, 2010

The only people that know how these gooks are are the ones that have to be stationed there. I was in Misawa AB, Japan for 2 yrs, and Osan AB Korea for another. These people are total racist cocksuckers who protest us being there everyday. While I don't a

What a fag +0 Points October 10, 2010

Wow, you're SOOO tough, soldier boy. I bet this faggot hasn't even seen combat. When you're done talking shit and beating up old, defenseless men, come find me, you punk bitch!

Who'd you got? +0 Points October 10, 2010

30 yearold vs 70+ yearold?

(( +0 Points October 10, 2010

Typical asians always acting hard then getting their ass beat.

mf +0 Points October 10, 2010

he wasn't even a soldier. he was a 31 yr old english teacher. lol

LoL +0 Points October 10, 2010

The only reason U.S is stationed in south Korea is because they need us to protect their punk asses from the north Koreans. Pussies!

Me so tough! +0 Points October 10, 2010

Beating a 70 year old so I could look tough around people! Pathetic

dfgfsdg +0 Points October 10, 2010

nobody forced you to join the army you piece of shit faggot. you should have gone to college but you were too much of a fucking moron. fuck you. go back to iraq

@! +0 Points October 10, 2010

someone got beat by their daddy. i like how he expects someone to give a shit about his trials and tribulations, especially an old korean grandpa, weak bitch should've died stationed in Korea fucking little girls i bet

Hey! +0 Points October 10, 2010

Go back to Iraq, you old-man killer!

! +0 Points October 10, 2010

Fuck Yeah! Beat that old piece of shit.


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