Two Views of Egyptian Attack On Algerian Bus

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hichem +0 Points September 6, 2010

123 viva l'algerie

lulz +0 Points November 19, 2009

for lulz this happened a day before the football match between your mom and my cock.

Dj.cyrille +0 Points November 17, 2009

Egytian won by 2 and they have to playoff on Wednesday the 18 to see who will go to world cup next year.

umm +0 Points November 16, 2009

lol said: "who won the match?" -- umm, youre not only a loser if you play it, but you are also one if you watch it. so i guess none of them were winners

umm +0 Points November 16, 2009

omg, i hate soccer THIS much too

lol +0 Points November 16, 2009

who won the match?

lulz +0 Points November 15, 2009

for the retards this happened a day before the football match between Egypt and Algeria


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