Tourettes Makes Man Constantly Face Punch Wife

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wrongwrongwrong -1 Points October 21, 2010

its not his wife or mother she took him in, and he doesnt constantly do it he did it once in the face

Anonymous -1 Points April 6, 2010

thats his mother not his wife, he is a famous tourettes sufferer from scotland

Alex -1 Points April 4, 2010

ïèçäàáîë îí

nobody cares -1 Points March 30, 2010

simple information that can be gathered from watching the program... you did not go to school with his sister your internet claim to fame has failed. (if it had succeeded your level of coolness would not have gone up) ass hat.

scottish -1 Points March 30, 2010

shut it nobody cares his name is john davidson he lives in the scottish borders town off galashiels i went to school with his sister. so think your the ass

marioch -1 Points March 30, 2010


nobody cares -1 Points March 29, 2010

scottish you don't know him you ass hat

scottish -1 Points March 29, 2010

i know him and all you sad folk sayin lock him up hes a danger are the shallow folk john has tourettes thats it he can't help it no pills stop it what this guy has achieved is amazing.he had it tough growing up if anyone wants to find out more google the

This man is sick -1 Points March 28, 2010

this is treatable unlike those other things it's called weed and it relaxes the muscles and slows down reaction time, that way she can at least dodge or not get hit as hard

Jocko Johnson -1 Points March 28, 2010

Good thing she didnt have Mike Tyson for a son

mikeyboy -1 Points March 28, 2010

its not his wife

Wow -1 Points March 27, 2010

Kill the fucker, We need a pure Earth. This diseased people need extermination.

anonguy -1 Points March 26, 2010

wow some of you people are fucking braindead with your comment's, the guy cant help it he has a disease maybe some of you should read up about the condition before condeming the guy to not being allowed around people, also its not his wife or mother but

dumb cunt -1 Points March 26, 2010

is it that hard to stay an arms length away from people?

Hypercondor -1 Points March 26, 2010

Its not his mother its a lady who looked after him from the age of 16. His family threw him out wen he was a young boy. he also trys to get his dog to run infront of cars wen crossin the road.

MR T -1 Points March 26, 2010

This guy should be locked up and kept in Solitary confinement... He shouldn't be allowed near people... It's only a matter of time until he ends up doing some serious damage to someone... I suggest a soundproofed Hannibal lecture mask and him being whee

dork -1 Points March 26, 2010

what a fucking idiot... if i had that disease i would atleast stay 3 meters away from people

thedash -1 Points March 26, 2010

Not his wife! That's his mother!

Death420 -1 Points March 26, 2010

Could you imagine having cancer and as soon as you got done telling him what you had he wops you in the face. classic shoosh for sure

chuck -1 Points March 26, 2010

@13 LOL>>>very true

brooklyngod -1 Points March 25, 2010

very intresting. oh si

Demigod13 -1 Points March 25, 2010

@chuck, because other races don't even bother with excuses to beat their women?

Damn -1 Points March 25, 2010

I don't think I would get very close to him lol.

Doc56 -1 Points March 25, 2010

On the Button too "but I am much better now"

lilzook -1 Points March 25, 2010

lol saw this the other day...hes got issues


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