Tight-Bodied Amateur Gets Her Cunt Torn Up

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your mom +0 Points May 4, 2010

the only european video where the girl actually enjoyed having sex on camera.

Travisty +0 Points May 1, 2010

True men will fuck anything that squits to piss...I'd phuck her.

Ya'll are fucking stupid +0 Points April 30, 2010

seriously? you think that was hot? how much crack you think they paid thos two... sick, nasty, not hot at all... you're standards border on bums under a bridge... you fucktards

lol +0 Points April 30, 2010

swedish porn, their comments sound so weird to hear in your own language when you're used to hearing those phrases in english.. :P

.. +0 Points April 30, 2010

sweet pussy

melton +0 Points April 30, 2010

she's fucking hot. pinche good.

DUh +0 Points April 30, 2010

Nice Gold Earing,I forgot this was the 90's


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