Thugs Toss Man Onto Tracks & Break His Back

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HULK +0 Points May 9, 2010

Electric chairs for scum!!!

seriously +0 Points April 20, 2010

if watson says black people are inferior, he's prolly right

oui +0 Points April 11, 2010

c'est Paris...

I <3 sfvc +0 Points April 7, 2010

Yeah! you stupid retard he was thrown off a balcony 2 stories above and he landed on his STOMACH. Fuck get it right, shit Im glad sfvc spoke up so we know the truth.

sfvc +0 Points April 4, 2010

he fell on his stomach dumbass.

....... +0 Points April 3, 2010

this looks a lot like paris to me

sad +0 Points April 3, 2010

Is someone actually supposed to identify the black guys in those pictures? Couldn't make any facial features out. +0 Points April 3, 2010


AND AGAIN.... +0 Points April 3, 2010


niggersucks +0 Points April 3, 2010

metro @ brussels, belgium for info.

Doc56 +0 Points April 3, 2010

What can be said put up cash reward some Baby's Mama will turn em in

patriot +0 Points April 3, 2010

i would love to slowly peel all the skin of these negro fuck head and throw down into a salt mine. this is somewhere in the UK.

Shoosh Made Me Racist +0 Points April 3, 2010

I wasn't racist until I started watching videos here at Shoosh Time.

JC +0 Points April 3, 2010

Probably North African and West African, as it'd seem to be the Paris metro. Immigrant troublemakers from a society where spitting out stray kids is encouraged.

brooklyngod +0 Points April 3, 2010

i got a feeling this video is going 2 get the most racist comments ever of any video so far. oh si


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