Thug Pulls A Gun During A Backyard Brawl

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deshaun +0 Points September 24, 2010

i got a UZI niggaz!!!

Igor is a BEANER +0 Points September 24, 2010

God Igor, at least learn how to properly form a sentence, you make us other spics look like a bunch of fucking wetbacks, THANKS A LOT ASSHOLE

porchmonkey hater +0 Points September 23, 2010

of course... get the gun because these dumbfucks can't fight so they gotta whip out the gun.. oh si

LOL +0 Points September 23, 2010

Dude pulls out a fuckin uzi! Classic hood shit.

brooklyngod +0 Points September 23, 2010

just more worthless, shit 4 brains, scum of the earth, waste of life and space teens. dont matter the race. if you are acting like this, then you should be non existing. oh si

Pres Obama +0 Points September 23, 2010

we need more social programs (paid for by your money) to prevent this, we need to invest in the youth of America

(paid for by working people)

You voted for change!!!!

Brooklyngods Mom +0 Points September 23, 2010

Them be some sexy ass pieces of meat. Mmmm. Making me want some black cock. Oh si.

WHAT THE FUCK +0 Points September 23, 2010


HEY "TO IGOR" +0 Points September 23, 2010


FUck +0 Points September 23, 2010

I bet that was a nice neighborhood once. Even the FUcking grass is trying to get the FUck out

To the spic below +0 Points September 23, 2010

Learn to properly speak the language of the country you are invading or you will be stuck washing dishes for the rest of your life

TO IGOR +0 Points September 23, 2010

Ya but everybody knows the mexicans over power. WE OUR UNSTOPABLE

me +0 Points September 23, 2010

fuccin niccaz

LOL +0 Points September 23, 2010

HA ha. Keep it classy America.

Typical +0 Points September 23, 2010

Cant even fight without pulling a gun, yup thats america. bet the chick filming is obese too

EMNEY +0 Points September 23, 2010

thats no f Ng Gun


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