Thug Decks Girl Amidst Big Subway Brawl

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me biaaaaaatcchhhhh +0 Points September 23, 2010

that shit is baddd assss that lil bitch got her ass beat and lost her teeth whhhhaaatttt an a man beatin a woman is a mad fuckin pussssyyyyy wish i knew him id fuck that niggggaaa upppppp

Nathan Forrest +0 Points September 19, 2010

does the camera monkey have the palsy?

yep +0 Points September 16, 2010

camera man u fucking suck

brooklyngod +0 Points September 16, 2010

lame, boring, nextttttttt. oh si

kev +0 Points September 16, 2010

WTF is it with people acting and talking ghetto? They should all gunned the fuck down!!!

faggatyzoe +0 Points September 16, 2010

ffs.. some1 needs to put a dick on that squealing biatch...

MiKePiFF +0 Points September 16, 2010

who the fuck gave Michael J Fox the camera??

dumb bitches are dumb +0 Points September 16, 2010

They tried to jump his girl. If my girl was getting jumped I would do the same thing

fish +0 Points September 16, 2010

seriously at least hit her till she stops screaming lol

WTF +0 Points September 16, 2010

I didn't see him hit, but one bitch. on a side note, all this minority fighting will on day put the white man back into his rightful place of power.

umm +0 Points September 16, 2010

too annoying to watch the whole thing

. +0 Points September 16, 2010

dumb whores

hey +0 Points September 16, 2010

sweet, jersey shore Tijuana


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