This Is Why You Don't Shit Talk Bigger Bouncers

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big D +0 Points January 16, 2010

i'd tap the girl in the red shirt in the ass

BJ Penn +0 Points January 16, 2010

Brother needed to get his hooks in and flatten that boy out.

ha +0 Points January 14, 2010

black on black violence. i like how that dumb ass started the slow clap at the end. i had only seen that in the movies

Cheese +0 Points January 14, 2010

That dancing bitch could have got it right in the pooper

blackkid +0 Points January 13, 2010

whites are always racist behind a key bord thats why we dominate!!!

hahaha +0 Points January 13, 2010

that idiot in green shirt thought he was getting choked the entire time when the bouncer was only holding onto him.

dave +0 Points January 13, 2010

I woulda tried knocking that green shirt hippie faggot out.

um +0 Points January 13, 2010

can somebody explain what the hell is going on here...

24lateralus +0 Points January 13, 2010

lol big S is still on some shit.

dw +0 Points January 12, 2010

that nig got worked

Big S +0 Points January 12, 2010

Why must my race act this way?

hahaha +0 Points January 12, 2010

@4:48 That white dude was copping a feel! hahahhaa

Rimmer +0 Points January 12, 2010

Cuntflaps: You're a fucking faggot!

Rimmer +0 Points January 12, 2010

You are all fat: How much fucking time did you put into these rambling posts that nobody's going to read?

you are all fat +0 Points January 12, 2010

"property" bullshit. I hope that fat fucker has a heart attack at 32 rather than 38. Fat fucking American trash.

you are all fat +0 Points January 12, 2010

come bouncers who are fat think they are tough? Fat does not equal strength, if this proves anything it proves the character of this fat ass. The guy in the white shirt wasn't going to make the first move, then the bouncer starts with the "property"

you are all fat +0 Points January 12, 2010

You are all fucking douche bags, this fat ass bar bouncer did "watch mma" that's where he got the idea from to choke him out. It appears that even some of you could have done this, the guy was about 15 seconds behind with reflexes. By the way, how co

what +0 Points January 12, 2010

if it was a white bouncer jesse jackson @ al sharpton would be all over this shit , keep blaming the white 's al @ jesse u racist pigs!!!!!!!!

umm +0 Points January 12, 2010

boring...boring fucking BORING

English sheep-shagger +0 Points January 12, 2010

The most pointless video ever posted to this site.

lmao +0 Points January 12, 2010

the black lady sitting down says "are you gunna kill him" lmao

@ Doc56 +0 Points January 12, 2010

The bouncer was restraining him. He never choked the guy out.

Doc56 +0 Points January 12, 2010

Bouncer did great up until he left the door way now the toughguy can sue him , the business else wise sloppy choke hold watch more MMA

Mind your own business man +0 Points January 12, 2010

What, are you gunna hit my MR VIOLENT. ROLF

nap time +0 Points January 12, 2010

Next time ya talk shit dinner bucket, make sure you can back your shit talkin' up. Sweet dreams.


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