This Is Why Chicks Bring Friends To Strip Clubs

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john doe +0 Points September 19, 2010

evil face that woman with white blouse

cindy +0 Points March 12, 2010

bobby! what did i ever do to you? i'm the kinda girl that will suck a ton of dicks before i let a guy fuck... i'm just addicted to sucking cock...not fucking. if you wanna see my pics just email me. i'll even give you as close up of my pussy with u

bobby +0 Points March 11, 2010

yea im sure u got a tight little pussy,if ur the slut u say u are then u been impaled by everything out there,u fucking slimy slut of a cunt whore,fuck u and ur pics,

yea right +0 Points March 9, 2010

cindy is a guy u fucktards

muthafuk +0 Points March 9, 2010

u sound like a fun girl cindy!

cindy sturgill +0 Points March 9, 2010

me and my friend Carissa went to a strip club once. and she did that to me. at first i was mad but by the end of the night i was sucking off all the strippers. i went home with a face full of cum! i wanna go again!

oh si +0 Points March 9, 2010

oh si

joe +0 Points March 9, 2010


lol +0 Points March 9, 2010

this isnt sfw

Doc56 +0 Points March 9, 2010

Whats up with the pumpers faces? lol

Michael Lim +0 Points March 9, 2010

Mom..?!?!?! WTF

Cuntflaps +0 Points March 9, 2010


lilzook +0 Points March 9, 2010

looked painful


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