The Worst Guns N' Roses Cover Ever Heard

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ummmm +0 Points September 8, 2010

Are they playing 3 different songs? .... 3 different songs VERY badly?

amazed +0 Points September 6, 2010

wow. just wow.

whaaa +0 Points September 5, 2010


damn +0 Points September 5, 2010

Those guys rock!! Can i buy their stuff on I tunes? I especially like their uniforms!!

hey +0 Points September 5, 2010

can I pay you $5 to remove this?

Squatch +0 Points September 5, 2010

this CAN'T be serious

meat +0 Points September 5, 2010

aggghhhhhggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, make it stop!!!!!!!

Nope, I didn't make it... +0 Points September 5, 2010

now I am completely sterile and I don't get $5.00

the fuck +0 Points September 5, 2010

ok so i made close to 2 mins... i had to force myself to last that long... wtf are these guys smoking f they think there actually coming anywhere near the actual song... ps... WHY THE FUCK are they all in their underwear... did they just finish having a c

meee +0 Points September 5, 2010

ok, so... everyone has to learn at one point. leaning to play an instrument is a process, even the best musicians have to go through it and they all sucked at one point, therefore; don't fucking tape yourself and post the video of yourselves doing it, re

iesshh +0 Points September 5, 2010

i just had an orgasm listening to this...

Vic +0 Points September 5, 2010

I only lasted :57 seconds... It was devastating

WTF +0 Points September 5, 2010

This cant be real. it has to be a bad joke. please tell me it is.

,, +0 Points September 5, 2010

I dont know - considering GNR got boed off stage by their own fans these guys might be on target for a similar future

Umm +0 Points September 5, 2010

That IS axel to the left guys, and it aint no coverband it really is GNS.. thats how much they suck

eh +0 Points September 5, 2010

better than half the crap that's on the radio now a days

Noob +1 Point September 5, 2010

Son, I am disappoint.


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