The World's First Retarded Pornstar

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Anonymous +0 Points January 22, 2018

Damn are absolutely gorgeous.......keep on sluttin......dont let anybody tell u its wrong..

Anonymous +0 Points November 25, 2017

Serenity Haze!

tammymq305 +0 Points September 22, 2017

Alaina Dawson

jessicaud619 +0 Points September 22, 2017

It's an art project - and you can see the finished product if you google Swedish art project singing pussies. I would include a link, but it seems this is not allowed. Go figure.

Anonymous +0 Points September 7, 2017

Thats the bitch who lied and accused Pierre Woodman of raping her.

Anonymous +0 Points September 6, 2017


Im_OnTop +1 Point September 6, 2017

I don't mind if she has a brain or not, as long as I can fuck her silly..!

Anonymous +0 Points September 6, 2017

Not as retarted as Lucy Wilde

Anonymous +0 Points September 6, 2017

She has an accent, but in honesty ive seen way more retarded. The guy is the real retard here....

Anonymous +0 Points September 6, 2017

You could argue in a way they are all retarded

Anonymous +0 Points September 6, 2017

fucking hot body, but you can tell from the face that her iq is below 50

Anonymous +0 Points September 6, 2017

Serenity Haze. And yes, she is a retard.

Anonymous +0 Points September 6, 2017

this dude has a LOT of "sisters"


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