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Just give me that ASS for 8 minutes! It's a miracle that BEHEMOTH didn't KILL Her! Your GF is hot, but she's fuckin NUTS Oops, did I leak your vid on the Internet? BOMBSHELL blonde needs a good cock 'STUNNING' only begins to describe her When spying on your sister goes RIGHT!


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Anonymous +0 Points June 21, 2017

he on coke?

Anonymous +0 Points June 12, 2017


Dickie +1 Point June 12, 2017

Hey someone tell the dopey dude he should probably hang up his movie career...at least for awhile!! Hey bud you're with a hottie (yeah she is a pig flashing her a-hole over the internet but nonetheless hot) who will do anything you want and you can't even get it hard!! What are you in your 20s and having trouble getting and maintaining an erection?? If so it is only gonna get worse and your buddies will take to calling you "Softie"!! It's cause sex is just a job. Sure it pays the bills but is it worth it when you cot a limp dick hanging between your legs??

Anonymous +0 Points August 19, 2017

Easy big guy. Who are you to talk?

At least he's fucking the hot girl instead of whacking off to her like the rest of us.

You are the fucking retard.


Anonymous -1 Points June 12, 2017

I'm so jelly of Piper Perri's bf.

Anonymous +2 Points June 12, 2017

wow nice i like all 3 pixels of this video

Anonymous +2 Points June 12, 2017

She slaps him...he paints her face in return!


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