Teacher Lets Students Beat Shit Out of Each Other

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brooklyngod +0 Points March 3, 2010

whatever. oh si

lmao. +0 Points March 2, 2010

What the fuck lol, who the hell taps in a street fight. oh wait that kid just did lol!

m +0 Points March 2, 2010

that wasnt a teacher, just some homeless bum

... +0 Points March 2, 2010

good fair fight...you can tell these kids watch alot of ufc...no power from either but even match up

lilzook +0 Points March 2, 2010

he looked like a teacher from the 80's

what a bunch of dumb fucks +0 Points March 2, 2010

thats not a teacher with a mohawk, its some dumb spic thinking he has fashion sense

Doc56 +0 Points March 2, 2010

Welcome to North Carolina Y'all where the teacher do double duty teacher by day and MMA ref in the afternoon

darwin +0 Points March 2, 2010

Serves mommy and daddy right for voting against the teacher's pension increase.

haha +0 Points March 2, 2010

its like a dog fight only with stupid white people lol

foo +0 Points March 2, 2010

when i was in high school two dudes got in a fight inside the locker room, so coach kicked out all spectators and locked the two fighters in the room. Good 'ol fashioned life lessons.

hmm... +0 Points March 2, 2010

So this is what george lopez did before he started comedy

Anonymous +0 Points March 2, 2010

Won't be long until we hear that the teacher is suspended without pay and that the incident is pending further investigation.

c +0 Points March 2, 2010

yea wow great, this is exactly what we need.

thats wild +0 Points March 2, 2010

idk if letting kids beat each other up in a fair way is good or if it is completely fucked that a teacher is even there


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