Stupid Truck Driver Gets Big Air During Crash

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brooklyngod +0 Points May 2, 2010

durrr indeed lol. oh si

look +0 Points May 1, 2010

they were testing a new style of ramp.

PS brooklyn god is a douche

lilzook +0 Points May 1, 2010

looked fake

Travisty +0 Points May 1, 2010

They should realy start making slow bumps.

Falcon +0 Points May 1, 2010

brooklyn god, get out of the house, get a job and you will find out what a truck runaway lane is

Doc56 +0 Points May 1, 2010

The biggest problem was they had mogals in the runaway ramp they need to be deep and filled with loose gravel to slow it not try to stop it dead

derp +0 Points May 1, 2010

hurrr durrr my name is brooklyngod and I jump to the conclusion that every video with someone getting hurt is a dumbass. durrrrr did I mention I like cocks in my mouth? durrrrr

Wetmelon +0 Points May 1, 2010

I remember reading about this guy. He was just setting up & testing his camera to film a short documentary about how the runaway ramps were unsafe and then this happened.

grizzly +0 Points May 1, 2010

not testing. It's clearly a road with a steep grade to it and the trucks brakes couldn't handle the momentum. Thus what the runaway lane is for. Why they were filming this I have no fucking clue

oh god +0 Points May 1, 2010

brooklyn god your the douche, they were testing a truck emergency ramp you worthless piece of shit.

brooklyngod +0 Points May 1, 2010

another douche bag doing another moronic thing yayyyyyyyyy. oh si


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