Strikeforce Miami: Robbie Lawler vs. Manhoeff

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fuck 'em all +0 Points February 5, 2010

Manhoeff might have great power in his strikes but he lacks discipline...he let his hands drop and he paid the price for it.

dfsdf +0 Points February 2, 2010

damn he had that in the bag so easily, got a bit reckless and overly confident

Hey Manhoeff... +0 Points February 1, 2010 just got JACKED UP!!!

AC +0 Points February 1, 2010

Manoeff glass jaw takes the best of him once again

Doc56 +0 Points February 1, 2010

One of the one hit is all it takes fights I thought his legs would go sailing into the crowd

foo +0 Points February 1, 2010

manhoeff was kicking ass and then...boom....chinless....

lol +0 Points February 1, 2010

wtf is wrong with manhoeff. he always starts off like a beast then loses some weird little ass way

ReneDK +0 Points February 1, 2010

WOW... I thought that was Manhoeff's fight... But then again it's not the first loss he has had to an opponent whom he should have beaten.


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