4 Squirts in 2 Minutes? This Girl is a Machine!

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Anonymous -1 Points May 18, 2016

To all the fucking newbies that say that squirting is piss are fucking morons. Yes, girls CAN actually ejaculate. It's rarely this tidal wave/gallon of fluid but every woman is different. If you've never made a girl squirt, you're not big enough, end of story.

Anonymous -1 Points May 18, 2016

What the fuck with all these piss videos and the morons that believe the girl is "squirting". Have you even seen a pussy in real life?

Anonymous -1 Points May 18, 2016

Hey look! She can piss!

anonymous2112 +1 Point May 18, 2016

Earthquake and a Flood!

KotzeimGesicht +0 Points May 18, 2016

Fucking Shooshtime for real... u can't watch a video like that because of that fucked up player and so on... fix it shooshtime mofu !

Anonymous +1 Point May 18, 2016

Earthquake Simulator 2016

Anonymous +0 Points May 18, 2016

shit servers, shit player ! i can't even pause the video to wait for it to buffer .... without the whole shit crashing and starting from the beginning!

Anonymous +0 Points May 18, 2016



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