Weight Lifter Drops 683 Pounds On His Chest

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Anonymous +1 Point May 6, 2011

Thank God! Someone with brains sepkas!

lillzook +1 Point June 5, 2010

he strong

oh snap +1 Point June 4, 2010

it looked like it broke.

brooklyngod +1 Point June 4, 2010

oh si

sdad +1 Point June 4, 2010

Well I heard his max was 250, but he was feeling pumped up that day.

damn +1 Point June 3, 2010

dumbass needs to streghten his fucking thumbs so that he doesn't let go of the bar next time. No way any spotters would have been able to help him there

lilzook +1 Point June 3, 2010

to be expected..u can literally see his chest cave in..and wtf is up with all the ppl clapping at the end..he failed

nb +1 Point June 3, 2010

they are white and stupid

geebee +1 Point June 3, 2010

Woops, butter fingers.

man +1 Point June 3, 2010

later the same thing happened to him when his wife said she wanted to be on top

the pope +1 Point June 3, 2010

i will invent the automatic spotter. i'll be a billionaire by next year.

Its the guy on the rights fault +1 Point June 3, 2010

that dickhead on the right has no idea how to spot. His fingers aren't even interlocked, his arms aren't clenched and his hands are too far away from the bar.

darwin +1 Point June 3, 2010

I lift weights. When you spot, your arms are not supposed to hang there like a piece of linguini. Keep your biceps flexed..HARD...and never more than 2 inches from the bar. Morons.

Anonymous +1 Point June 3, 2010

Thanks for the "spot" guys!

lol +1 Point June 3, 2010

i love it when the audience clap in the end..

? +1 Point June 3, 2010

My dick has more muscle than that fat shit.. Oh si!


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