Strikeforce M1: Cristiane Santos vs Jan Finney

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Angelo +0 Points October 7, 2012

Short, sweet, to the point, FREE-exactly as infromaiton should be!

re: dumb ref +0 Points July 10, 2010

dude we were all booing and hella ppl yelling "call it" hella stupid

dumb ref +0 Points June 30, 2010

fight should of been stopped in the first round. jan was dominated all the way

WTF!!! +0 Points June 29, 2010

WTF!! was Finney thinking? she reminded me Of Rocky vs MR-T

What the fuck? +0 Points June 28, 2010

why aren't they in the kitchen? this ain't the place to make toast, eggs and bacon breakfast!

baseballgeek +0 Points June 28, 2010

Finney has heart. But could you imagine going on a date with Cyborg? You could just sit there drinking beer and mouthing off while she kicked everyone's ass for you.

Holy Crap +0 Points June 28, 2010

That Santos he/she face looks like a Catchers Mitt fro the 50's

WOW +0 Points June 28, 2010

I really think Cyborg is one of those women who's part man. Not a full hermi, but they have testicles inside their abdomen that are underdeveloped. They produce more Testosterone and are more masculine.

lilzook +0 Points June 28, 2010

lmfao..cyborg is a beast...she hulk..

... +0 Points June 28, 2010

I bet any one of these bitches could've made Fedor tap!

lol +0 Points June 28, 2010

shouldve got more points taken off for roids

damn +0 Points June 28, 2010

she got her shit kicked


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