Pacquiao Drops Algieri at the Perfect Time

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Mayweather is a KFC +0 Points November 30, 2014

Someone is looking for you fucking mayweather!!!! How is it feel to be a fucking KFC... He lost already he has to fight pac mandatory, and the KFC say give him the belt pussy pusyy. All the fans i was a mayweather fan as well, but with this bullshiet that only shows he is a fucking pussy, only catchweigth figters please, and good figthers going down the hill on they careers. He keeps waiting on manny to lost his physical si he can figth him. Or he is gone to request blood every day!!! Fucking fuckingggg pussyyyy

I don't like black gangster nigs +0 Points November 25, 2014

Sounds like a ghetto trainer with his eyes on another reality where black gangsters are literate folk and Mexicans don't mow my lawn.

goodguygreg +0 Points November 25, 2014


Boring +0 Points November 25, 2014

Floyd Gayfeathers is a joke...Pacquiao would smash.

Phil Shifley +0 Points November 25, 2014

Well said.

LOL +0 Points November 25, 2014

they guy talkin shit about manny and then his boy gets rocked. - Also, mayweather, you need to fucking fight manny or your career means nothing. get on it and stop running.


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